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Six crucial things you need to do if your beloved Golden retriever runs away

Six crucial things you need to do if your beloved Golden retriever runs away

Having your dog run away is a true nightmare, but it happens more than you think. Even to the most responsible dog parents. It takes just a second for your pup to slip his leash and start sprinting, or you open your door just for a moment and your dog is gone.

No matter how it happens, it will loeave you filled with panic, heartbreak and the urge to do something, anything… even if you don’t know what that is. But not knowing won’t help you much, your chances of bringing your dog home will improve if you know exactly what to do.

  • Start searching, but do not panic!

You need to stay calm, panic won’t get you far. Take a minute to calm down, clear your head and start searching your immediate area.

  • Spread out

The next thing you want to do is file a missing report with a rescue organization in your area. In most cases when dogs run away they’re picked up by someone and taken to shelters. After that gather your family and friends and organize a search part.

  • Be smart while searching

Think strategically. Dogs tend to go to familiar places, maybe the park nearby you usually go to, or if he has a canine friend living in the neighbourhood. You should check those places first.

  • Pay a visit to shelters

It’s recommended you visit shelters in person and ask to see their recent intakes yourself rather than talking on the phone. The person on the other side of the line maybe didn’t notice your dog or they didn’t fully get your dogs description.

  • Put up signs and post on social media

Social media is a great way to find your lost pupper. Post on your own profile, but also keep in mind that most areas have Facebook pages dedicated to finding lost animals too.

Technology can only do so much for you, so it’s best you also put up „lost dog“ posters.