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Slatmill For Dogs: Is It Good Or Bad?

Slatmill For Dogs: Is It Good Or Bad?
Slatmill For Dogs

More and more dogs becoming obese and weight-related health issues have surged in the last decade. Some dog breeds are more affected than others, but the general trend is negative for the dog population, especially in the US. The main causes of the increase in the number of obese dogs include low-quality food, overfeeding, and the lack of physical activity and exercise. Today we will talk about the importance of exercise and how a slatmill can help both owners and dogs.

What is a slatmill?

A slatmill is a mechanical treadmill for dogs. This means that your dog has full control over the workout and can stop at any time. The mechanical belts give the dogs control of their pacing, something an electrical treadmill can’t do. Therefore, if the dog is tired, injured, or feels pain, he can simply stop running.

What’s more, the dog can achieve its maximum stamina and speed and he controls it all. Slatmill comes in different designs and sizes based on the size of the dog. Some are very basic, some have adjustable legs to simulate slopes and those high-end ones have a computer that tracks speed and time.

Is running on a slatmill good for dogs?

Sometimes you simply lack energy, time or you are too tired to take your dog for a walk. Also, the weather may be bad for outdoor activities. Very cold winter and hot summer days are not the time you want to be with your dog outside. These are the situations where slatmill will help you a lot. 

A slatmill will help your dog burn that excess energy and stay fit. Also, some dogs are extremely energetic and even though you just came home from a long walk, your furry friend still has some energy to burn. Just put him on a slatmill where he will walk and run until he gets tired.

How not to use a slatmill

Exercising on a slatmill is not and can’t be a substitution for the regular daily walk and playtime. When a dog is walking outside, he is engaged both physically and mentally. The dog hears different sounds, smells different scents, and generally activates all of his senses. 

Walk on a slatmill shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes per session. However, you can do two separate half-an-hour walking sessions per day.

Also, slatmill is not for dogs that have joint issues or senior dogs. If your dog has health issues, consult your vet before putting him on a slatmill.