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Spanish Water Dog: An Intelligent & Hard Working Breed

Spanish Water Dog: An Intelligent & Hard Working Breed
Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog breed is one of the older dog breeds. These dogs have been present on the Iberian peninsula for so long that no one knows their exact place of origin. There are two dominant theories. According to the first theory, Spanis Water Dogs came to the Iberian peninsula with Moors. However, the second theory suggests that SWDs came with Turkish traders. Actually, the old nickname of the breed was “The Turkish Dog”, so there may be some truth in that theory. 

Although we don’t know their exact origin, we do know that SWDs have always been excellent shepherds and waterfowl retrievers.

Even though they are old dog breeds, Spanish Water Dogs were recognized by the AKC only recently in 2015 as its 187th breed.

Spanish Water Dog: Breed Info

Physical Characteristics


Male Spanish Water Dog stands from 17.5 to 19.75 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 49 pounds. On the other hand, females stand from 15.75 to 18 inches tall and weigh between 31 and 40 pounds.


The entire body of a Spanish Water Dog is covered in dense, curly, and wooly hair. The coat comes in several shades of white, beige, black, or brown. The coat can be solid or parti-color, where the second color is white. 

Personality & Temperament

SWD are tireless hard-working dogs. They are extremely intelligent and quick learners. Spanish Water Dog is also obedient, affectionate, loyal, and protective. 

Generally, SWD should be wary of strangers and willing to protect his family. However, if you properly introduce strangers, SWD will accept them.

Early socialization and exposure to different people, animals, and dogs are crucial if you want to own a well-rounded dog. 

Health & Lifespan

Spanish Water Dogs are generally healthy dogs. However, like all dog breeds, SWDs are also prone to certain health issues.

The most common health issues in SWD are:

The life expectancy of Spanish Water Dogs is between 12 and 14 years on average.



Spanish Water Dogs are energetic, work-oriented dogs. Therefore, they will need plenty of physical activity and exercise to stay healthy and happy. SWD is a perfect companion for walking, hiking, running, swimming, etc. One of the best options for playtime and exercise is playing fetch in the water.


The most important thing to remember is never to brush Spanish Water Dog’s coat. Also, the coat should be trimmed to the same length all over. 

The length of the coat really doesn’t matter and you can keep it at your preferred length.


High-quality food and a well-balanced diet are crucial for the good health of your dog. Also, regularly measure the dog’s weight and portion his meals and treats accordingly to prevent obesity and overeating.


Spanish Water Dogs are very intelligent and eager to please their owners. Therefore, they are easy to train and will learn new tricks and things fairly quickly. However, avoid harsh training methods, as your SWD will quickly lose interest. 

People Also Ask

Are Spanish Water Dogs aggressive?

No, SWDs are generally not aggressive dogs. However, they can react aggressively if you provoke them.

Are Spanish Water Dogs barkers?

Spanish Water Dog will bark occasionally. Barking mostly happens when an SWD sees a stranger approaching the house. 

How much does the Spanish Water Dog puppy cost?

Expect to pay between $1600 and $2200 for an SWD puppy?