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Spiked Dog Collars: Are They Safe For My Dog?

Spiked Dog Collars: Are They Safe For My Dog?
Spiked Dog Collars

You have probably seen many types of dog collars while you were crawling the web in search of the one that will fit your dog perfectly. Now, there is no doubt that you came across spiked dog collars during the search and that they have captured your attention. You have probably asked yourself: What is the purpose of these spiked dog collars and why on earth would someone put spikes on the dog collar?

Well, today we will answer those questions. So, keep on reading.

What Is A Dog Collar?

A dog collar is a piece of material, usually, leather put around the dog’s neck and use for restraint, protection, identification, or as a fashion accessory. 

What Is A Spiked Dog Collar?

A spiked dog collar is also known as a wolf collar is similar to normal dog collars. However, it’s usually made of more resistant materials and has metal spikes. These collars originated in the middle ages when the farmers and shepherds use them to protect their best herding and guard dogs from the wolves. 

The spiked or wolf collar protects the most vulnerable part of the dog’s body, the throat, and carotid arteries. Spikes on spiked collars are there to protect the dog’s neck from wolf’s bites. Spikes can also cause injury to the wolf if he tries to bite your dog.

Today, wolf collars are still used for the protection of the dog. For example, if some other dog tries to attack him. Maybe you like to run in the woods with your dog and you just want to make sure your dog is protected from a sudden attack by a hostile dog or a wolf. Of course, you will be almost helpless in these situations. However, with a wolf collar, your dog will have a significant advantage and a fighting chance.

Spiked dog collars are nowadays mostly used as a fashion accessory and there is no doubt they look great on dogs. However, remember to take them off when your dog is in the company of other friendly, playful dogs.

Difference Between Spiked And Prong Dog Collars

Many people confuse spiked dog collars to prong dog collars. This is understandable because these two types of collars look fairly similar. However, their purpose couldn’t be more different. Spiked dog collars’ purpose is to protect the dog’s neck from bites and act as a fashion accessory. On the other hand, prong dog collars are used as a negative reinforcement method for leash training.

When the dog pulls the leash, the spikes in the prong collar will slowly burry into the dog’s neck. This causes pain and discomfort. These are inhumane collars that can cause serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, etc. We would never recommend them for any type of training.

Are Spiked Dog Collars Safe?

Unlike prong collars, spiked dog collars are completely safe for your dog. However, you need to remember that they still pose a threat to other dogs and could harm them during a playdate. So, make sure you either remove the spiked collar or replace it with a regular collar during these events.