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Surprising ways your dog is actually telling you they love you!

Surprising ways your dog is actually telling you they love you!

Dogs can’t speak (sadly!), however they do have their own ways of communicating their feelings, wants and needs. They also have a special way of telling you they love you!

The first and the obvious sign your dog loves you is that they go ABSOLUTELY crazy when you get home.

If your dog eagerly greets you with its tail wagging and a toy in his mouth (and there’s probably jumping too) the second you walk through your door—well this is love in its truest form!

However, according to the Wall Street Journal Blog, if your dog seems to do this each time someone walks into the house, he may be a bit…promiscuous. And even though we know your doggo adores you, this isn’t the strongest indicator as to whether Fido thinks you’re “the one.”

Does your dog yawn with you? Ding, ding, ding, you hit the love jack pot!

We’ve all heard that yawning is contagious, and may have experienced this when a friend yawns during a conversation. Well, this happens with dogs too! According to a recent study it’s very likely that for dogs yawning symbolizes a bond to their human. Also, according to the same study, dogs were more likely to yawn when their owners yawned, as opposed to a stranger. 

However, let’s be real. Definitely, the truest way to know if your dog loves you is to trust your gut. If he perks his ears when he hears your voice or cuddles up next to you any chance he gets, it probably means he really, really loves you!