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  • Picture of a dog taking pills in order to answer the question how to give a dog a pill?

    How to give a dog a pill: Four useful tips!

    Giving your dog his medication is a real task. Every dog owner knows how difficult it is. Your dog just doesn’t want to take his or her pills, no matter what you do and how you try to trick them. So what is the best way to give your dog a pill? Don’t despair, I […] More

  • Split image of a dog and a bottle of Tylenol

    Can you give a dog Tylenol?

    Tylenol is a popular over-the-counter pain medication. Many people chose to get Tylenol because it is effective, cheap and accessible. No matter if we have a headache, feel like we are getting a cold or we need something to relieve allergies, Tylenol is the drug to go. But, given that it is so effective on […] More

  • Picture of walking a dog in order to answer how often do you walk your dog?

    How often do you walk your dog?

    How often do you walk your dog? How many times a day day and for how many minutes? Walking your dog regularly is essential to their health. Walks are their workouts, that’s how they stay in shape and get out all of the energy inside of them. By walking them you’ll make sure your dog […] More

  • Picture of a dog house in order to explain how to build a dog house

    How to build a dog house: DIY project tips!

    Building your dog a nice little dog house where he can chill and relax when outside seems like a great idea. Well, until you realize you don’t know how to build a dog house! But can it really be that difficult, right? Good news, it’s actually not! And I can show you how to build […] More

  • Picture to support the article on how often should you bathe your dog

    How often should you bathe your dog and how – Tips and tricks

    Our dogs are mud crazy, smelly little monsters, but we love them nevertheless! However, sometimes that, let’s call it, Eau de dogue can get a little bit too much! That’s when dog owners wish they could wash their dogs every single week. This is of course not possible, we know that washing our dogs too […] More

  • Hurt golden retriever in order to answer can you put neosporin on a dog

    Can you put Neosporin on a dog?

    Growing up we always had Neosporin in our home, we would use it for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is a great medication because it is accessible, it is cheap and you don’t need a prescription for it. Now that I’m grown up I have it in my home as well. The other day, […] More

  • Bottle of Melatonin and a Dog in order to answer the question can you give dogs melatonin

    Can you give dogs melatonin? Benefits and side effects

    Melatonin is a hormone in humans that helps your body know when it’s time to sleep and wake up. However, sometimes it happens that people don’t produce enough melatonin, so they take supplements. This happens in cases of insomnia or general sleep problems due to your job or school schedules. On the other hand, we […] More

  • Funny picture of a dog eating in order to answer the question how much should I feed my dog?

    How much should I feed my dog: What’s the rule?

    Dogs do not know how much they should eat, honestly, if you gave them a pound of food they would eat it all in a heartbeat. This is why dog parents need to know the answer to the question “How much should I feed my dog?”. Knowing the answer to this question is crucial to […] More

  • Can dogs eat cat food?

    Can dogs eat cat food? Here’s the truth!

    If you’re a cat and dog owner it has probably happened sometimes that your dog ate the cat’s foot. Naturally, you were worried and wondered can dogs eat cat food? Is it dangerous for dogs or is it safe? Many people have scared me into thinking that cat food is very bad for dogs, apparently, […] More

  • Image of Golden retriever barking in order to answer the question how to get a dog to stop barking

    How to get a dog to stop barking?

    Dogs bark at anything and nothing. Sometimes they’ll bark at each other, at other animals, or at random people at the park. Generally, barking is completely normal, and it is just the way dogs communicate. However, at some point barking can turn into a serious problem. This is when dog owners wonder “How to get […] More

  • Things you should know before getting a Golden retriever

    Golden retrievers are great dogs, they make amazing pets, they are very good with children and are highly loyal and obedient, and yet they are puppies at heart even in old age. However, there are a few things you need to know before getting a Golden retriever. They need a lot of room Golden retrievers […] More

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