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  • How to get sap out of dog fur

    How to get sap out of dog fur: Our best tips

    If there are two things dogs love it is the outdoors and rolling in things! If they can roll in something outside it’s even better! What’s fun for dogs, is a nightmare for dog owners. Especially if the beloved dog gets home full of tree sap! How to get sap out of dog fur is […] More

  • When do puppies calm down

    When do puppies calm down?

    Two weeks ago I got a new puppy (exciting I know!). But besides this being the happiest time of my life it’s also the most exhausting time. I seem to constantly ask the same question “when do puppies calm down?”. And oh boy, was I desperately searching for an answer. I did a lot of […] More

  • can dogs eat jello

    Can dogs have jello: Safe or toxic?

    Jello (or Jell-O) might not be a healthy food, but it’s definitely a fun food! And a great dessert! Now, given that jello has basically no nutritional value, is it still safe for dogs? Can dogs have jello? Jello contains powdered gelatin, sugars, and artificial sweeteners and it’s basically just a gelatin treat. So nothing […] More

  • how to wash a dog bed

    How to wash a dog bed: Tips and tricks

    Keeping your dog’s bed clean is important because your pet comes in contact with so many bacteria daily! All of these bacteria will get on your dog’s bed and blanket too. So how to wash a dog bed properly? You’re not the one sleeping in your dog’s bed. However, regularly washing your dog’s bed is […] More

  • dog cage for sale

    Dog cage for sale: Finding the best crate

    Finding a dog cage for sale is the easiest thing ever. However, what is not easy is to find a good, reliable and affordable dog crate or cage! The majority of dog crates are pretty expensive. If you find a cheap one, chances are the quality is poor. Crate training is very important, as well […] More

  • shiba inu at the dog park

    Dog park: Safety tips you shouldn’t ignore

    Safety comes first! Even when you’re at the dog park and your dog is playing around, getting all that excess energy out. Of course, the doggy park is a lot of fun, but it brings many dangers with it too! Some of which you might not even be aware of. That’s why it’s super important […] More

  • picture of a dog car bed

    Car dog bed: Which is the best?

    We humans put on seatbelts when we’re traveling by car, the same should be applied to dogs! Dogs need seatbelts too, in order to travel safely. Your dog’s seat belt is his car dog bed or car dog seat. The reason why your dog needs a “seat belt” is to be as secure and as […] More

  • Picture of a dog listening to calming music for dogs

    Calming music for dogs: Why raggae is the way to go!

    Music makes us feel good. When we’re down, our favorite song can cheer us up. When we’re super sad or maybe heartbroken, there’s always that one song that makes everything just a little bit better. But have you ever wondered if dogs like music? Well, the answer is yes! Dogs actually do like music. We […] More

  • Picture of a dog and kiwi in order to answer can dogs eat kiwi

    Can dogs have kiwi? Here’s the truth!

    Fruits and vegetables are healthy and delicious. Be it bananas, blackberries, or kiwi, for example, we humans love to enjoy them on a hot summer day, as breakfast, in a smoothie, or just fresh. But it’s a fact that not all human foods are safe for our dogs too. By now we’ve talked about several […] More

  • Dog with pineapple in order to answer Is pineapple good for dogs

    Is pineapple good for dogs? Here’s the truth!

    When it comes to our beloved dogs we would do anything for them and we would give them everything. Including human food, like fruit or vegetables. But, you should know, not every human food is safe for your dog! As a responsible dog owners you should always do your research whether the human food you […] More

  • Picture of puppies in order to answer where to buy a dog

    Where to buy a dog? Everything you need to know

    Buying a new puppy can be a challenging adventure! There are so many things you need to research and take into consideration. The first and probably the most important one would be where to buy a dog! Nowadays there are so many breeders that it’s really difficult to decide! Besides this, it’s also very difficult […] More

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