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  • Cute pitbull wearing a fancy pearl dog collar

    Pearl Dog Collar: For The Bougie Canine

    Is your dog a bit bougie? Sometimes a little prince or princess and wants only the best and shiniest accessories? Than we have a trend alert for you and your pup — Pearl dog collar! The new and fun accessory that will let everyone known that your dog only wants the finer things in life. […] More

  • A fierce looking pitbull wearing the coolest Harley Davidson Dog Collar

    Harley Davidson Dog Collar: Where To Buy

    Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1903. This company has survived many ups and downs, including the Great Depression. It now is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, but also an iconic brand that is widely known and has a loyal following. If you are one of those Harley Davidson […] More

  • Dog owner trying out all the different types of pitbull dog collars

    Pitbull Dog Collars: Which One To Buy

    Finding the right collar for your dog can be difficult. There are so many things that you need to take into consideration: their size, breed, personality and how comfortable there are while wearing that specific collar. If you are the proud and lucky owner of a pitbull you might find it especially hard to find […] More

  • Owner biking around with his cute canine and their dog bike attachment

    Dog Bike Attachment: Amazon Finds

    It’s finally summer! Here is the sun and the absolutely wonderful weather and fresh air. It’s the perfect time to start going outside more, explore nature and get some fresh oxygen and vitamin D. Many of us can’t wait to finally hop onto our bikes again and just ride around and have a good time. […] More

  • A lady riding her bike and being happy about her dog carrier for bike

    Dog Carrier For Bike: Amazon Finds

    Summertime is the perfect timing to go on long and fun bike rides. But if you are a proud dog owner, you would maybe prefer it to take your canine companion with you on that adventure. For that you would definitely need a dog carrier for your bike. That way you and your dog can […] More

  • Dog owner wanting to try out his new dog cart for bike

    Dog Cart For Bike: Amazon Finds

    Going on the perfect adventure with your dog takes just two things: a bicycle and a dog cart for your bike. If you have these two, a good time is guaranteed. Just imagine the two of you rolling in your neighborhood while your adorable dog is chilling back in the cart. Sounds like the perfect […] More

  • dog crocs

    Dog Crocs: An Adorable Fashion Accessory For Your Dog

    The crocs are super popular foam-based clogs made by the American company Crocs. The crocs are a fairly recent invention that was unveiled in 2002 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida. They are the brainchild of George Boedecker, Lyndon Hanson, and Scott Seamans who wanted to produce foam clog boating shoes. The crocs […] More

  • Dog laying in the hot summer heat while his owner wants to buy a dog house with AC

    Dog House With AC: Best Options

    The summer that is coming is going to be a hot one! And while we can hide in our homes with air conditioning and dring iced coffees, some dogs may still like to stay outside. If the temperatures get dangerously high, your dog may even come into danger of a heatstroke. However there is a […] More