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  • Cute Baby Playing With Golden Retriever Will Make Your Day

    Dogs love to play the game of fetch, but they often indulge in a tug of war as well while refusing to give up so easily. A 10-second video clip of a cute baby trying to take a soft toy from a Golden Retriever is winning people’s hearts. The video, posted on the Instagram handle […] More

  • A Golden Retriever and Child Share Their Toys

    Dogs are awesome friends, energetic, brave, cunning, and full of tricks, but they are also loyal and caring. They are always happy to protect their human pals – especially the smallest ones, and are ready to share their toys and food with those little guys, like it is their own puppies. This golden retriever is […] More

  • Toddler Comforts Golden Retriever During A Thunderstorm

    Friendships between kids and dogs are the most wholesome and precious relationships to ever exist. They’re always so full of love and compassion, and the video footage of a toddler comforting his dog during a thunderstorm is no exception. During a thunderstorm, the golden retriever was scared and unable to cope with all the bizarre […] More