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  • golden retriever puppies relaxing with toy

    Golden Retriever Puppies Relaxing Next To Storytelling Dragon

    Toys that produce sounds are adored by children, but also by parents. They help keep the babies calm, even to sleep. And did you know that animals also love such toys? These adorable golden retriever puppies are proof that such toys do not only relax children. A video recently shared on @retrieverpuppies Instagram profile shows […] More

  • golden retriever best friend with parrot

    Golden Retriever Has A Cute Moment With His Feathered Friend

    Romance is overrated. In reality, it’s all about the friendship. We’re all just looking for a best friend who shares our love of food. And one dog has found that with a little birdie who gives him pasta. In a very comical take on the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, a cockatoo is […] More

  • golden retriever puppy playing with parrot

    Golden Retriever Puppy Meeting A Parrot

    Surely, you have heard that a dog and a cat can still live together and be a best friends. But, have you ever heard that a dog and a parrot are best friends? If not, today we will convince you that it is still possible. Animals certainly need to be role models to humans and […] More

  • golden retriever puppy swinging

    Adorable Golden Retriever Video Loves To Swing!

    There’s nothing better than spending your time playing out in the backyard with your dog like this Golden Retriever Video. Golden Retrievers dogs are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Here is a new video which will make your day. A video posted on Instagram proves that having fun on the playgrounds […] More

  • boy and golden retriever photoshoot

    My Son Kept Asking Me For A New Baby, So I Got One…

    Baby fever hit me, and it hit me hard. Even my almost 5-year-old was asking me all the time if I was pregnant (Do I LOOK pregnant??)… And when I would have a baby for him to play with! So one day I finally had enough. I said I am getting a baby, no matter […] More

  • gently golden retriever

    Toddler Hugs Goldie, Goldie Hugs Right Back

    When a dog and a toddler get together, there’s really no telling what could happen. Both pups and little kids have a tendency to get rough with each other without intending to. A large dog might enthusiastically knock over a child they’re trying to play with. A kid might tug too hard on a doggie’s […] More

  • Golden retriever asking police man to pet him

    Hello, Police? It’s An Emergency – I Need Some Cuddles

    Even though some humans aren’t really too comfortable around the police and wouldn’t really ever just come up to them asking for a hug or some other way of affection, that isn’t the case with golden retrievers. These pups simply know when they want someone to pet them, and if the person seems friendly enough, […] More

  • Guide Dog Fell In Love When Meeting Pluto For The First Time

    Meet Ace, a sweet, hardworking puppy who loves nothing more than to make his doggo friends and humans happy. Ace demonstrated the perfect traits to be a guide dog. His trainer, Sandy Steinblums, knew if she took him out to socialize him, he would be even more successful. Ace had to get used to crowds […] More

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