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  • personalized dog harness

    Personalized dog harness: A DIY project for you!

    Buying a personalized dog harness is the easiest thing ever. The internet is full of different harnesses that you can personalize. You can get them on Amazon, Etsy, even AliExpress. But wouldn’t it be better to single-handedly make a dog harness for your beloved pooch? Making a personalized harness for your can be a fun […] More

  • Golden retriever wearing a fancy dog eye patch

    Dog Eye Patch: Easy And Quick DIY

    And dog eye patch can be an accessory for a Halloween costume, or an graceful addition for dogs with eye problems. Depending on that you can make different types of eye patches. Today we have a DIY dog eye patch for you for the most basic eye patch. You can use it for many different […] More

  • Dog owner hand made the most adorable flower dog collar

    Flower Dog Collar: Easy DIY

    We are getting into summer, which also means that the wedding season is coming. With most places starting to have fewer restrictions and being mask free, weddings are starting again. Many animal loving people are making their ceremonies pet friendly, which means that you won’t need a dog-sitter, but also that you need a romantic […] More

  • Picture of a dog sleeping with a dog bed frame

    Dog bed frame: The best, and easiest DIY ideas

    Our dogs deserve only the best! The best dog food, the best toys, and even the best bed! After all, a good night’s sleep is very important. However, the best dog beds usually aren’t that pretty. So what about a DIY dog bed? Or at least why not make a dog bed frame from scratch […] More

  • Dog wearing Cheap dog clothes

    Cheap dog clothes – Easy DIY ideas

    Dressing your dog in cute clothes is fun. Sometimes we do it just because we like a certain shirt or jumper, but sometimes it’s a must, in winter for example! A lot of breeds aren’t used to cold weather, so sometimes we need to get them something that will make them warm. However, the problem […] More

  • Dog owner brushing the teeth of his pup with diy dog toothpaste

    DIY Dog Toothpaste Your Canine Will Love

    If you care about your dog’s health you also have to care about his teeth. Oral hygiene is often overlooked when it comes to dogs, however it’s not as complicated as many people make it seem. In case you’re still unsure as to how clean your dog’s teeth, read our quick guide here. All you […] More

  • dog paw balm recipe

    Dog paw balm – take care of your pet’s footsies!

    You might have noticed that your dog’s paws sometimes get a bit dry no matter if it is cold out or warm. This is completely normal, don’t worry. However, just like you moisturize your hands you need to take care of your dog’s paws too and moisturize them! No matter if it is a Golden […] More

  • Picture of a dog house in order to explain how to build a dog house

    How to build a dog house: DIY project tips!

    Building your dog a nice little dog house where he can chill and relax when outside seems like a great idea. Well, until you realize you don’t know how to build a dog house! But can it really be that difficult, right? Good news, it’s actually not! And I can show you how to build […] More

  • Golden retriever wearing a DIY sweater

    How To Make A DIY Dog Sweater For Your Golden Retriever

    You may not know this but March it actually National Craft Month! So it’s the perfect time to get into some DIY projects. You can take this time to learn to make all sorts of things, but if you’re here on this page we already know that you’re a huge dog person. So why not […] More