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  • how to wash a dog bed

    How to wash a dog bed: Tips and tricks

    Keeping your dog’s bed clean is important because your pet comes in contact with so many bacteria daily! All of these bacteria will get on your dog’s bed and blanket too. So how to wash a dog bed properly? You’re not the one sleeping in your dog’s bed. However, regularly washing your dog’s bed is […] More

  • An adorable beagle dog laying on his comfortable kirkland dog bed

    Kirkland Dog Bed: The Ultimate Choice

    Choosing the right bed for your canine can be overwhelming. Many people are unsure as to how to choose the right one. There are thousands different kinds of beds available on Amazon, but which one is a no-brainer? If you want a reliable dog bed that your dog will like and get a good night […] More

  • Dog owner wondering about all of the dog bed amazon finds out there

    Dog Beds Amazon Finds For Every Breed

    Finding the right bed for your canine is the first step to make him feel comfortable at your home. While your bed would be perfectly fine for most dogs, and they would even prefer it — it’s still a good idea to have a separate place for your dog. That way he knows where to […] More

  • Picture of a dog sleeping with a dog bed frame

    Dog bed frame: The best, and easiest DIY ideas

    Our dogs deserve only the best! The best dog food, the best toys, and even the best bed! After all, a good night’s sleep is very important. However, the best dog beds usually aren’t that pretty. So what about a DIY dog bed? Or at least why not make a dog bed frame from scratch […] More

  • Bean Bag Dog Beds

    Bean Bag Dog Beds: Why They Are Good For Dogs?

    What Are Bean Bag Dog Beds? Bean Bag Dog Beds are basically sealed bags filled with PVC pellets, dried beans, expanded polypropylene, polystyrene. These beds are safe and very comfortable, thus promoting healthy sleeping patterns in dogs.  Why Is REM Sleep So Important For Dogs? Dogs sleep or nap most of the day. Of course, […] More

  • Orvis Dog Beds

    Orvis Dog Beds: Quality, Tradition & Comfort

    What Is An Orvis Dogs Bed? Orvis dog beds are high-quality dog beds designed specifically to suit your dog’s sleeping habits. Are ODBs Expensive? Well, these are certainly not the cheapest beds you can find on the market. Generally, the price of Orvis dog beds is between $139 and $439. However, there is a reason […] More