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  • princess dog bed

    Princess dog bed: Only the best for your little girl

    Getting a dog bed is basically a no-brainer, you might get an ordinary one from Amazon, or maybe one from Kirkland. But have you ever thought about getting a princess dog bed for your canine? If not, I’m asking you why not? Don’t you want your little pooch to feel bougie and, well, like a […] More

  • An adorable beagle dog laying on his comfortable kirkland dog bed

    Kirkland Dog Bed: The Ultimate Choice

    Choosing the right bed for your canine can be overwhelming. Many people are unsure as to how to choose the right one. There are thousands different kinds of beds available on Amazon, but which one is a no-brainer? If you want a reliable dog bed that your dog will like and get a good night […] More

  • Picture of a dog sleeping with a dog bed frame

    Dog bed frame: The best, and easiest DIY ideas

    Our dogs deserve only the best! The best dog food, the best toys, and even the best bed! After all, a good night’s sleep is very important. However, the best dog beds usually aren’t that pretty. So what about a DIY dog bed? Or at least why not make a dog bed frame from scratch […] More

  • waterproof dog bed

    Waterproof Dog Bed: Benefits Of Having One

    What Is A Waterproof Dog Bed And How It Works? Basically, we have two types of waterproof dog beds. Some beds have a protective lining that wraps around the bed’s interior filling. On the other hand, some beds have a waterproof base, which means that in case of an accident the bed will probably become […] More

  • Amazon Dog Beds

    Amazon Dog Beds Review

    Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. On their website, you can find millions of different items. Today, we will look into and analyze three bestselling dog beds on Amazon. Amazon Top Three Dog Beds Review Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Furhaven Pet Dog Bed follows the classic design of a sofa with bolstered walls. The […] More

  • Carhartt Dog Bed

    Carhartt Dog Bed Review

    When you think of Carhartt, you think of high-quality work clothes such as vests, coats, jackets, jeans, etc. However, Carhartt also makes dog gear. Today we will review the Carhartt dog bed. Carhartt Dog Bed Review Carhartt is one of those outdoor companies that saw the potential and came into the dog space. Today, Carhartt […] More

  • Calming Dog Beds

    Calming Dog Beds: How They Work?

    Calming dog beds are beds specifically designed to relieve anxiety in dogs as well as provide a sense of safety and comfort. Some calming beds are also orthopedic and self-heating. How Do Calming Dog Beds Work? The main feature of calming dog beds is raised rims. Raised rims have a calming effect on dogs and […] More

  • Orvis Dog Beds

    Orvis Dog Beds: Quality, Tradition & Comfort

    What Is An Orvis Dogs Bed? Orvis dog beds are high-quality dog beds designed specifically to suit your dog’s sleeping habits. Are ODBs Expensive? Well, these are certainly not the cheapest beds you can find on the market. Generally, the price of Orvis dog beds is between $139 and $439. However, there is a reason […] More

  • Dogs bed: golden retriever sleeping on the bed

    Dog Beds: How To Choose The Right One

    We know that all dogs like to sleep with their owners. However, neither you nor the dogs can rest properly. Dogs need a lot of sleep, between 12 and 14 hours a day. Also, it is very important that the dog has its own bed as he will not be able to sleep with you […] More