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  • Dog staring at the television while the owner wonders can dogs watch TV

    Can Dogs Watch TV? Here’s What Science Says

    Have you ever watched a movie and then noticed your dog seemingly being so deeply focused? He can’t move his look from the TV and it seems as if he is all in. When that happens you can’t help but wonder — Can dogs watch TV the way we do? Or what are they seeing […] More

  • Adorable dog running around fields of grass while his owner wonders can dogs have ADHD

    Can Dogs Have ADHD? Here’s What To Know

    Does your dog sometimes overwhelm you with the unlimited energy he has? If your dog just seems to have no chill and all he wants to do is play and jump around without being able to focus on just one thing — you might be suspicious that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, is […] More

  • A dog calmly watching TV while his owner wonders can dogs see tv the way we do

    Can Dogs See TV The Way We Do?

    Have you ever noticed your dog watching TV and seeming to be so deeply focused? You can’t help but wonder — Can dogs see TV the same way we do? Or what is going on inside their minds while they are watching those Netflix shows? Scientists actually made some pretty interesting discoveries… Recently, research was […] More

  • why do dogs roll in poop

    Why Do Dogs Roll In Poop?

    Dogs’ sense of smell is at least a thousand times more sensitive than our own. When it comes to the nose and the sense of smell, canines are at the very top of the animal kingdom. Therefore, it is baffling how dogs, with such a sensitive sense of smell, love to roll and cover themselves […] More

  • Golden retriever puppy chewing his feet while his owner is wondering why do dogs chew their feet

    Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?

    If your dog has been a bit too into his paws lately, you might be wondering — Why do dogs chew their feet? Keep on reading this article to find out if you should be concerned and when it becomes too much. If your dog is chewing and licking his feet for a prolonged time […] More

  • Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass

    Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass?

    Our furry friends have many strange and interesting behaviors. One of the most interesting is rolling in the grass. But, why do dogs roll in the grass? Why Do Dogs Roll In Grass? There are many reasons why your dog rolls in the grass. These are the most common ones. Ancestral Instinct Wolves, distant ancestors […] More

  • Golden retriever burying bone in the garden while his owner wonders why do dogs bury bones

    Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

    If you noticed a fresh mound of dirt in your back yard, you might suspect that your dog did a little excavation while you weren’t looking. If you’re curious to know what lies at the bottom of that crypt, you’ll very likely find some food leftovers. Most commonly it will be a bone. But why […] More

  • Woman wondering can dogs sense pregnancy?

    Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

    Dogs are deeply intuitive beings. And thanks to their incredible senses, they are also able to smell some changes in our bodies. Even much before the doctor’s diagnosis. For example, research proved that they can smell low levels of blood glucose. In some cases, dogs were even able to detect cancer, especially melanoma, far before […] More

  • Golden retriever laying on bed listening to music while his owner wonders do dogs like music

    Do Dogs Like Music? Here’s What Science Says

    Dog owners often want to connect with their dogs over things both of them enjoy. Walks on the beach, a quiet evening watching TV, going for a swim. But how about listening to music? Do dogs like music at all? Or is that just a bunch of nonsense and baloney to them? We can find […] More

  • Golden retriever tilting it’s head to the side while his owner wonders why do dogs tilt their heads

    Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

    Is there anything more adorable than when you talk to your dog and they tilt their head like they are a cartoon character? It’s so freaking cute! But have you ever wondered why do dogs tilt their heads? Is it a way of communicating or just something that helps them think? Sometimes it seems like […] More

  • Golden retriever owner asking himself: Are dogs ticklish?

    Are Dogs Ticklish? Here’s What Science Says

    If you’ve ever scratched that one spot on your dog’s back you’ve sure seen how they start kicking their leg. In that moment, one must wonder: Are dogs ticklish? If not, what is that movement? Is it just a reflex? And does your dog even enjoy it? Can you tickle a dog? First of all, […] More