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  • eskipoo dog

    Eskipoo dog: Everything you should know

    Have you heard of the Eskipoo dog? No worries if you haven’t! To be completely honest, I haven’t either until a few months ago. However, it’s great you clicked on this article because you’re about to meet one of the best dog breeds out there! The Eskipoo, is also called the Pookimo, Eskapoo, Eskidoodle, Eski-poo, […] More

  • Two absolutely adorable and cute Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix puppies

    Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix

    If you are a fan of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Huskies, you will absolutely adore this mix breed — Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix. This is one of the most unique Bernese Mountain Dog mixes.If you are wondering what kind of dog breed this is, and what you can expect from a BMD Husky mix, […] More

  • A picture of two Bull Terriers

    Bull Terrier: The unusual looking, but amazing dog

    The Bull Terrier is an easily recognizable dog breed. The moment you see one, you’ll know it’s them, because of their long, egg-shaped head with erect and pointed ears, and small, triangular eyes. This breed is also quite popular, according to the AKC they rank 62 out of 197 breeds! But what else is it […] More

  • American vs English Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel – American vs English

    The Cocker Spaniel is a truly beautiful and majestic dog. But it gets a bit confusing when you find out that there are actually two completely different looking Cocker Spaniel dogs – The American and the English. According to the AKC, these two breeds were formerly considered one. However, some people noticed that there were […] More

  • A picture of a Cavapoo full grown

    Cavapoo full grown: From puppyhood to adult dog

    We’ve been writing a lot about different dog breeds, purebreds, and mixed breeds. We’ve written about many dogs that would be great for a family, such as the Golden Doodle, Bichon Frise, or the Poodle. However, even though all of these breeds make good family dogs, there’s one that makes the perfect family dog – […] More

  • Picture of a Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog

    Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog Breed Info

    The Blue Heeler is actually called Australian Cattle Dog. As the breed name suggests these dogs were originally developed in Australia to handle herds of cattle! According to the AKC, this breed ranks 55 on the list of most popular dog breeds. The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent and active dog. Besides this, […] More

  • Bullmastiff

    Bullmastiff: Dog Breed Info

    Bullmastiffs are fearless dogs that were bred to keep the estates and game of English aristocracy from poachers. The typical Bullmastiff is a strong, powerful, swift, and brave dog that will fiercely protect its owner. The first mentions of Bullmastiffs occur in the 1860s in England. The Kennel Club accepted the Bullmastiff breed into its […] More

  • Aussiedoodle

    Aussiedoodle: A Perfect Crossbreed

    Aussiedoodle is a hybrid dog created by crossbreeding a standard or Mini Poodle with an Australian Shepherd. Since these two dog breeds are among the most intelligent in the world, expect your Aussiedoodle to be extremely smart. Aussiedoodles are a relatively new dog breed, but they are already amongst the most popular crossbreeds in the […] More

  • Pointer

    Pointer Dog Breed Information

    We can say that Pointers are the canine royalty. The Pointer dog breed has been bred for hundreds of years to point to small game and birds. The first Pointers appeared in England in 1650. These are great gundogs that excel in indicating prey and retrieving it. Pointer Dog Breed Information Typical Pointer will be […] More

  • Pit Bull

    Pit Bull: Complete Breed Info

    Today we will talk about the most misunderstood dog breed in the world. Yes, today we will talk about the infamous Pit Bull. Pit Bull Type Breeds There are four AKC/UKC recognized breeds that are considered pit bull type breeds.  These are: American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier American Bully American Pit Bull Terrier Each […] More

  • Greyhound

    Greyhound Dog Breed Info

    Today we will talk about the iconic dog breed, a breed that was the favorite hunting companion of pharaohs, emperors, kings, and royal elite through ages. This breed is, of course, Greyhound. Greyhounds’ iconic “inverted S” shape suited for high-speed chases, strong prey drive and their gentle and friendly nature is what made them so […] More

  • Pastor Aleman

    Pastor Aleman or German Shepherd: Breed info

    There aren’t many dog breeds that are known and loved across the world as the Pastor Aleman. German Shepherds are all-around dogs, with great nature and are very smart. These are the dogs that have served and proved their worth in armies, police forces, search and rescue operations. On the other hand, German Shepherds make […] More

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