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  • picture of a colorado mountain dog

    Colorado mountain dog: Complete breed info

    The Colorado mountain dog is a relatively young breed, being first bred in 2008. So you can say that this breed is still being developed. What’s so special about the Colorado mountain dog is that they make great working dogs. They are suitable for small acreage farming, they are also guarding dogs. ALSO READ Bernese […] More

  • Golden retriever chow mix

    Golden retriever Chow mix: Golden Chow

    The Golden retriever Chow mix or the Golden Chow is a truly unique mixed and very fluffy breed. As the name suggests it is a mix of a purebred Chow-Chow and a purebred Golden Retriever. ALSO READ Chow Chow: Complete Dog Breed Info Even though this mix sounds all over the place, the Golden Chow […] More

  • Golden retriever smile dog

    Smile dog – The happiest breeds ever!

    Dogs are generally very happy, carefree animals. No matter which breeds. However, there are some breeds that are a little bit happier than others. You probably know a dog that is extra happy, it is simply a smile dog! ALSO READ Do Dogs Have Emotions? Here’s What We Know These smile dogs simply radiate happiness […] More

  • Spanish Water Dog

    Spanish Water Dog: An Intelligent & Hard Working Breed

    The Spanish Water Dog breed is one of the older dog breeds. These dogs have been present on the Iberian peninsula for so long that no one knows their exact place of origin. There are two dominant theories. According to the first theory, Spanis Water Dogs came to the Iberian peninsula with Moors. However, the […] More

  • Picture of teacup dogs

    Teacup dogs – Big health issues of small canines

    In the last few years, thanks to celebrities and social media, teacup dogs have become increasingly popular. There is no denying that teacup dogs or micro-dogs are adorable, however, there are also many myths and misconceptions surrounding them. If you are thinking about getting a micro-dog, you have to do thorough research and make an informed […] More

  • Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

    Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies: Buying Guide

    Bernese Mountain Dog or Berner is one of the best family dogs. These dogs are gentle, kind, friendly, intelligent, with mellow temperaments. Berner is great with children and other pets. On the other hand, Berners are loyal, devoted, protective, but not aggressive. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there is such a demand for Bernese Mountain […] More

  • A picture of two Bull Terriers

    Bull Terrier: The unusual looking, but amazing dog

    The Bull Terrier is an easily recognizable dog breed. The moment you see one, you’ll know it’s them, because of their long, egg-shaped head with erect and pointed ears, and small, triangular eyes. This breed is also quite popular, according to the AKC they rank 62 out of 197 breeds! But what else is it […] More

  • Havanese Dog

    Havanese Dog: Feel The Spirit Of Cuba

    The Havanese dog is a distant relative of Bichon family dogs such as Maltese or Bichon Frise dog breeds. These dogs who got their name from the capital city of Cuba – Havana, were lapdogs of aristocrats and wealthy plantation owners. Throughout history, the Havanese dogs were also known as Spanish Silk Poodles or Havana […] More

  • American vs English Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel – American vs English

    The Cocker Spaniel is a truly beautiful and majestic dog. But it gets a bit confusing when you find out that there are actually two completely different looking Cocker Spaniel dogs – The American and the English. According to the AKC, these two breeds were formerly considered one. However, some people noticed that there were […] More

  • Portuguese Water Dog

    Portuguese Water Dog: Breed Characteristics & Info

    As his name reveals, the Portuguese Water Dog used to live along the coast of Portugal. The main purpose of this breed was to herd fish into nets, transfer messages between ship and shore, and retrieve lost tackle. The Portuguese Water Dog is a powerful, muscular, and strong dog, a perfect companion for the fishermen. […] More

  • Dogo Argentino

    Dogo Argentino: Big, Strong & Affectionate Breed

    The Dogo Argentino breed can thank its existence to the hard work and persistence of one man – Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.  Starting from 1928, Dr. Martinez constantly bred and improved the selection of the breeds to create an excellent big game hunting dog. It took years of hard work and multiple crossbreeding of several […] More

  • Boxer Dog

    Boxer Dog: Breed Characteristics & Info

    The Boxer is a dog whose ancestors we can trace to the Assyrian Empire almost 2.5 millennia ago. However, the Boxer we know and love today has its roots in 19th century Germany. Boxers were bred to be hunting companions of German nobility. However, as the times changed so did the role of Boxers. Over […] More

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