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  • Dog owner wondering about the reason why his dog is a cross eyed dog

    Cross Eyed Dog: Why It Happens

    Have you noticed that the position of your dog’s eyes is kind of off? Or maybe you have noticed some cross eyed dogs in the dog park. The medically correct term is “Strabismus” and it’s an eye condition that can be found in many species, including dogs and cats. Strabismus can even lead to a […] More

  • Pretty white dog with red around his eyes while his owner wonders about dog eye discharge

    Dog Eye Discharge: What’s Normal?

    Different types of eye discharges are a fairly common problem in dogs. Sometimes it’s completely normal and harmless, while at other times it raises concerns. To learn when to worry about an eye discharge in your dog, keep on reading. There are different steps that you will have to make in order to determine if […] More

  • Cute canine at the doctor for his dog eye infection treatment

    Dog Eye Infection Treatment

    Anyone who ever had an eye infection knows how uncomfortable and painful it can be. The itchiness, the redness, the swelling. Also, it takes forever for it to heal. And it isn’t any better for our canine friends as well. Eye infections are actually fairly common in dogs. However, there are different ways that we […] More

  • Terrified dog owner wondering why her dog’s eye is red and Swollen

    My Dog’s Eye Is Red And Swollen! What To Do?

    Having pets means taking care of their health and well being. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to inspect any possible changes in our dog’s health and immediately search for help if there is anything out of order. While we have the luxury to express anything that it bothering us, our dog’s unfortunately can’t […] More

  • A picture of a dog's eye in order to answer why are my dogs eyes watery?

    Why are my dogs eyes watery? – Eye discharge

    When dog owners notice their dog’s “crying” aka a watery discharge around their pet’s eyes they panic. They also wonder “Why are my dogs eyes watery?”. First of all, your dog is definitely not crying, those tears are a sign of something else. You need to understand that, yes dogs have tear ducts, just like […] More

  • A dog owner staring into the eyes of his canine wondering do dogs see in black and white

    Do Dogs See In Black And White?

    While dogs definitely see the world differently from us — it’s a complete myth that they don’t see any colors at all. Many people wonder: Do dogs see in black and white? The answer is no — dogs actually see the world in a similar way that color blind humans see it. While most people […] More

  • Adorable golden retriever puppy looking at owner while he wonders can dogs get pink eye?

    Can Dogs Get Pink Eye? Canine Conjunctivitis

    Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis is a condition that’s fairly common in humans. It manifests as itchy and red inflammation of the conjuctiva. The conjuctiva is a membrane that covers part of the front surface of the eye and inner surface of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is terribly annoying and inconvenient for us humans. But […] More