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  • A picture of a dog's eye in order to answer do dogs see color

    Do dogs see color? Everything to know

    It’s widely believed that dogs see the world in black and white, that they see no colors, but is this true or do dogs see color actually? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how the world looks from your dog’s perspective and how they see colors you’re in the right place! These are exactly the questions […] More

  • A dog owner staring into the eyes of his canine wondering do dogs see in black and white

    Do Dogs See In Black And White?

    While dogs definitely see the world differently from us — it’s a complete myth that they don’t see any colors at all. Many people wonder: Do dogs see in black and white? The answer is no — dogs actually see the world in a similar way that color blind humans see it. While most people […] More

  • Golden retriever owner photographed it’s dog’s eyes while wondering are dogs color blind

    Are Dogs Color Blind? Facts And Myths

    If you’ve been a dog owner for some time now, you must be curious about the way your dog sees the world. One thing that we often hear about dog vision is that they can’t see colors. But is that true? If you’ve ever wondered “Are dogs color blind?” know that you’re not the only […] More

  • Golden retriever puppy laying and thinking

    How Do Dogs See The World

    We as dog owners have the need to understand our furry companions. The question every one of us has asked themselves at least once is: How do dogs see the world? Their perspective can be so confusing to us. The things that make them happy, and the things that scare them are so much different […] More