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  • A picture of a dog and a coconut in order to answer can dogs have coconut

    Can dogs have coconut? Is it safe or toxic?

    Dog owners love to give their four-legged friends coconut oil, they practically swear by it. Apparently, it makes dogs’ coats glossy and sleek, eliminates doggy odor, and benefits metabolic function, weight loss, arthritis, and bone health. But given that coconut oil is so good, what about coconuts in general? Can dogs have coconut? Is it […] More

  • A picture of blackberries and a dog in order to answer can dogs have blackberries?

    Can dogs have blackberries?

    We humans love to share some delicious snacks with our four-legged friends. This goes for fruits and vegetables too! Blackberries for example, are a very popular summer fruit. We often have them in our fridge and love snacking on them, using them in cakes or smoothies. However, can dogs have blackberries? Can dog owners actually, […] More

  • Picture of raisins in order to answer are raisins bad for dogs

    Are raisins bad for dogs and why?

    We, dog owners love to share the food they love with their beloved four-legged friends. Be it a piece of chicken, a little bit of peanut butter or some fruits. It is almost as if we can’t resist them. However, there are certain foods which which we need to draw a line and never give […] More

  • A bowl of dates in order to answer can dogs eat dates?

    Can dogs eat dates: Harmful or safe?

    Dates have become more popular in the last few years. Many use them to make healthy desserts or in shakes because they are a great substitute for sugar. With the fact that dates are more and more common in American households, lot of people wonder can dogs eat dates? After all, they are very sweet […] More

  • Pictured is dog food in order to answer can humans eat dog food?

    Can humans eat dog food?

    Have you ever wondered how your dog’s food tastes like? I think we all had that thought at dome point while feeding our dogs. But can humans eat dog food? Now hear me out, I know it’s a weird question, like why would you eat dog food, I get it. Wouldn’t it be interesting to […] More

  • Funny picture of a dog eating in order to answer the question how much should I feed my dog?

    How much should I feed my dog: What’s the rule?

    Dogs do not know how much they should eat, honestly, if you gave them a pound of food they would eat it all in a heartbeat. This is why dog parents need to know the answer to the question “How much should I feed my dog?”. Knowing the answer to this question is crucial to […] More

  • Can dogs eat cat food?

    Can dogs eat cat food? Here’s the truth!

    If you’re a cat and dog owner it has probably happened sometimes that your dog ate the cat’s foot. Naturally, you were worried and wondered can dogs eat cat food? Is it dangerous for dogs or is it safe? Many people have scared me into thinking that cat food is very bad for dogs, apparently, […] More