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  • Dog owner wondering if his canine has a condition called pulmonary hypertension in dogs

    Pulmonary Hypertension In Dogs

    Pulmonary hypertension in dogs is a term used to describe an medical condition in which the pulmonary arterial pressure is higher than normal. It’s not the same as regular high blood pressure, or systemic hypertension, in which the blood pressure is high in the rest of the body. If your dog was recently diagnosed with […] More

  • Pretty white dog with red around his eyes while his owner wonders about dog eye discharge

    Dog Eye Discharge: What’s Normal?

    Different types of eye discharges are a fairly common problem in dogs. Sometimes it’s completely normal and harmless, while at other times it raises concerns. To learn when to worry about an eye discharge in your dog, keep on reading. There are different steps that you will have to make in order to determine if […] More

  • Cute canine at the doctor for his dog eye infection treatment

    Dog Eye Infection Treatment

    Anyone who ever had an eye infection knows how uncomfortable and painful it can be. The itchiness, the redness, the swelling. Also, it takes forever for it to heal. And it isn’t any better for our canine friends as well. Eye infections are actually fairly common in dogs. However, there are different ways that we […] More

  • vitamin c for dogs

    Vitamin C for dogs: Does your pooch need it?

    Vitamin C supplements have become a staple in our medicine cabinet. You probably have a bottle of vitamin C in your house right now too! This is nothing unusual, we are all aware how important vitamin C is. It’s a crucial antioxidant, it also helps us stay healthy and boosts our immune system! Now, with […] More

  • Dogs with white eyes

    Dogs with white eyes: Why cataracts are serious

    You’ve probably seen dogs with white eyes, or maybe your dog’s eyes are turning pale and cloudy. Well, this is can be due to different medical conditions. However, one thing is for sure white eyes in dogs are something that should never be ignored. ALSO READ Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red? Causes, Symptoms & […] More

  • Activated charcoal for dogs

    Activated charcoal for dogs – Benefits and downsides

    Activated charcoal has become very popular in the last couple of years. We use it for many different things, to whiten our teeth for example. But can we use activated charcoal for dogs? The answer is yes. Veterinarians use activated charcoal to treat intoxication in dogs, it absorbs ingested toxins and lessens their effects. ALSO […] More

  • Dog next to a toilette - Dog constipation

    Dog constipation: Causes and what to do

    Dog constipation is a problem many owners face, however just a few know how to solve it the right way. Just like it’s with humans, constipation can be a serious problem and an indicator for certain illnesses in dogs. Besides this, it’s annoying for you and your dog. But what are the signs of constipation […] More

  • Vet explaining what causes gallstones in dogs

    What Causes Gallstones In Dogs

    Gallstones are not only possible in humans, but in dogs as well. They are incredibly painful, uncomfortable and can cause some serious health conditions. To learn what causes gallstones in dogs, keep reading this article. What are gallstones? Gallstones in dogs form from calcium salts, cholesterol, proteins or bacteria. If large enough, gallstones can cause […] More

  • A dog having difficulty breathing while his owner wonders can dogs have asthma

    Can Dogs Have Asthma? Signs And Symptoms

    If you’re suffering from chronic asthma you know that it isn’t in any way fun. But what about our dogs? Can dogs have asthma too? Or are they lucky enough to not have to worry about it at all? Unfortunately, just like us, our canine friends can get asthma too. It’s important to inform yourself […] More

  • Can dogs get corona

    Can Dogs Get Corona? Here’s What Science Says

    We have been in a global pandemic for over a year now. Millions of people have been infected by the new coronavirus. Many people have died, and thankfully many people have recovered from it successfully. But is COVID only limited to humans, or can animals get it too? Or specifically, can dogs get corona? Can […] More

  • Adorable golden retriever puppy looking at owner while he wonders can dogs get pink eye?

    Can Dogs Get Pink Eye? Canine Conjunctivitis

    Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis is a condition that’s fairly common in humans. It manifests as itchy and red inflammation of the conjuctiva. The conjuctiva is a membrane that covers part of the front surface of the eye and inner surface of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is terribly annoying and inconvenient for us humans. But […] More