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  • dog friendly restaurants

    Dog friendly restaurants: Best choices in the US

    Going out to eat when you have a dog usually ends up with you leaving your dog at home. There is also the option of dropping them off at a friend’s house. But it doesn’t have to be like that! You can choose one of the many dog-friendly restaurants in the US! Here you can […] More

  • dog losing hair around eyes

    Dog losing hair around eyes: Possible causes

    If you notice your dog losing hair around eyes, you’re most likely going to feel confused and worried. Generally speaking, it’s quite unusual to see a dog going bald around the eyes. However, this happens quite commonly and the reason for it is that your dog is probably dealing with an issue relating to his […] More

  • arugula and dog in order to answer can dogs eat arugula?

    Can dogs eat arugula? Is it safe for pooches?

    Lettuce, iceberg salad, and leafy greens and salads in general are quite flavorless. However, arugula is the complete opposite. Unlike the above mentioned greens, arugula is quite peppery and is generally full of flavor. Given that, dog owners wonder can dogs eat arugula? Besides being full of flavor, this leafy green also has a ton […] More

  • can dogs eat jelly?

    Can dogs eat jelly? Here’s your answer

    There is nothing better than a delicious and comforting peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Every time you make one, you just know it’s going to satisfy your craving for something sweet. And while you’re enjoying your delicious sandwich, you have s little someone staring at you. Your dog! And you wonder, can dogs eat jelly? […] More

  • can dogs eat caramel

    Can dogs eat caramel? Is it safe?

    Many people love caramel and everything caramel flavored. We put it in cakes, shakes and coffee, that’s how much we enjoy our caramel. Bu, can dogs eat caramel? Can we share a piece of caramel with our dogs? What’s the real truth? ALSO READ Can dogs eat jelly? Here’s your answer To get to the […] More

  • dog sitting in a dog bike seat

    Dog bike seat: Everything to know before buying

    Taking your dog on a bike ride with you is a great way to bond and spend time with your dog. If you own a larger breed a bike ride can also turn into an exercise session. However, with smaller breeds, one problem occurs. Your dog can’t run along with you while you’re on your […] More

  • dog with collar on dog zip line

    Dog zip line: What it is and where to get one

    Our four-legged best friends love being outside. They love running around and playing, however, sometimes their energy goes over the roof and they slip out of control. In order to keep your dog safe in such situations, a dog zip line is the perfect solution. With a zip line your pooch can run around and […] More

  • Dog bike leash and dog running

    Dog bike leash: Which one should you buy?

    If you’re a dog owner who loves the outdoors and loves riding your bike, you probably want to take your dog along for a ride. In order to do this, you can’t just let your dog run next to your bike. You need a dog bike leash. But, the problem is there are so many […] More

  • merry christmas dog pajama

    Merry Christmas dog pajamas for a cozy holiday

    Cozy, warm, colorful pajamas are definitely one of the best parts of the holidays. Another great part of the holidays is buying and dressing your dog in Merry Christmas dog pajamas! Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find good quality pajamas for your dog. The internet is simply filled with so many options. It’s overwhelming! […] More

  • dog with sunglasses

    Dog with sunglasses: Does he need them?

    You must have seen a picture of a dog with sunglasses before. At first, it looks too sweet and it certainly made your day. However, do dogs really need glasses? Do dogs need sunglasses? People need glasses to avoid ultraviolet exposure which over the years does a lot of damage to our eyes. Unlike humans, […] More

  • Tea tree oil and dogs

    Tea tree oil and dogs – Is it safe?

    Tea tree oil is one of the most used essential oils. We use it in many different situations because it is antibacterial. For example, we use it to heal acne, athlete’s foot, lice, nail fungus, and insect bites. But what we’re not thinking about is the usage of tea tree oil for dogs. ALSO READ […] More

  • dogs riding in basket for bike

    Dog basket for bike: Shopping guide

    If you are a sports-type or still ride a bike while going to work or go to the beach by bike, do you know what could make your ride more beautiful? Have you thought about having company while driving? Your dog can be a great companion. Of course, safety comes first, you can find a […] More

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