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  • dog friendly restaurants

    Dog friendly restaurants: Best choices in the US

    Going out to eat when you have a dog usually ends up with you leaving your dog at home. There is also the option of dropping them off at a friend’s house. But it doesn’t have to be like that! You can choose one of the many dog-friendly restaurants in the US! Here you can […] More

  • dog detangler spray

    Dog detangler spray: How to make your own

    Brushing out long fur on dogs (and cats also) can be a difficult task! The fur constantly gets tangled, you’re pulling on your dog’s fur and skin, you’re hurting them and so on. To make it easier you need a dog detangler spray! ALSO READ Dog Names That Start With R: How To Choose The […] More

  • cockapoo puppies for sale

    Cockapoo puppies for sale: Everything to know

    The Cockapoo is actually not a breed, but a designer dog. In fact, the Cockapoo is probably the first designer dog ever developed! But where can you find Cockapoo puppies for sale and what should you consider before buying? Let us first say that these dogs definitely make great pets. This is because the Cockapoo […] More

  • dog with big eyes

    Dog with big eyes: The top five breeds

    What we love about dogs are their floppy ears, fluffy coats, adorable tails, and their huge eyes! Any time our dogs look at us with their puppy eyes we fall in love with them all over again! There is simply something irresistible in a dog with big eyes. ALSO READ Cross Eyed Dog: Why It […] More

  • dog ears

    Dog ear wax color chart: What to watch for

    We know that your dog’s ears are quite sensitive and prone to infections. That’s why it’s important to keep their ear wax in control and watch out for any changes. However, to know when ear wax is completely normal and when you should to worry you need a dog ear wax color chart. Of course […] More

  • dog at off leash dog park

    Off leash dog park: Places to take your pooch

    Your dog will be happy no matter to which park you take them. They love fenced-off parks where they can run freely. But just imagine how much they would love a completely off leash dog park? A park where they can truly feel free and do what they want. They can play with other dogs, […] More

  • arugula and dog in order to answer can dogs eat arugula?

    Can dogs eat arugula? Is it safe for pooches?

    Lettuce, iceberg salad, and leafy greens and salads in general are quite flavorless. However, arugula is the complete opposite. Unlike the above mentioned greens, arugula is quite peppery and is generally full of flavor. Given that, dog owners wonder can dogs eat arugula? Besides being full of flavor, this leafy green also has a ton […] More

  • dog friendly beaches in florida

    Dog friendly beaches in Florida

    It’s summer and it’s really really hot outside, so many people choose to cool down on the beach. A little swim in the ocean, a cold cocktail here and there, and you’re all good again. But what about our dogs. Why not bring them to the beach sometimes too? There are so many dog friendly […] More

  • can dogs eat chicken nuggets

    Can dogs eat chicken nuggets?

    I love chicken nuggets! There I said it. And it’s the truth. If there’s one guilty pleasure I have it’s definitely McDonald’s chicken nuggets. And for a fact, I know that dogs love chicken nuggets too! Or shall I say chimken numggies. But, can dogs eat chicken nuggets? ALSO READ Can Dogs Eat Spam? This […] More

  • can dogs eat prunes

    Can dogs eat prunes? What you need to know

    Prunes, or dried plums, are considered healthy food. Even doctors state that prunes help with constipation and reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Besides this, they are high in vitamins and minerals! But given that they are so healthy for us, are they healthy for dogs too? The question is, can dogs eat prunes, are they […] More

  • can dogs eat doritos?

    Can dogs eat Doritos? Here’s the truth

    Can you imagine movie night without Doritos? Yeah, us neither! There’s just something special about these crunchy tortilla chips! What’s special too is the look on our dog’s faces while they beg for at least just one chip. But, the question is can dogs eat Doritos at all? Can we share a piece or two […] More

  • dog sitting in a dog bike seat

    Dog bike seat: Everything to know before buying

    Taking your dog on a bike ride with you is a great way to bond and spend time with your dog. If you own a larger breed a bike ride can also turn into an exercise session. However, with smaller breeds, one problem occurs. Your dog can’t run along with you while you’re on your […] More

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