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  • Picture of raisins in order to answer are raisins bad for dogs

    Are raisins bad for dogs and why?

    We, dog owners love to share the food they love with their beloved four-legged friends. Be it a piece of chicken, a little bit of peanut butter or some fruits. It is almost as if we can’t resist them. However, there are certain foods which which we need to draw a line and never give […] More

  • A picture of tangerines in order to anwer the question can dogs eat tangerines

    Can dogs eat tangerines? What you should know

    Tangerines are a delicious citrus fruit. They are sweet but still healthy, so they make a great snack for everyone. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat tangerines? Are tangerines even safe for dogs, or should you never let your dog try one? Well, generally speaking, tangerines are very healthy, full of vitamin C, folate, […] More

  • Dog laying in bed of marshmallows while his owner is wondering can dogs eat marshmallows

    Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

    There is nothing like a hot chocolate with marshmallows. We love them, and we know just how delicious they are. And therefore we might feel tempted to share them with our dogs from time to time. But is that safe? Can dogs eat marshmallows? In short — no! Marshmallows aren’t canine friendly. And even though […] More

  • A bowl of dates in order to answer can dogs eat dates?

    Can dogs eat dates: Harmful or safe?

    Dates have become more popular in the last few years. Many use them to make healthy desserts or in shakes because they are a great substitute for sugar. With the fact that dates are more and more common in American households, lot of people wonder can dogs eat dates? After all, they are very sweet […] More

  • Golden retriever next to a bar of chocolate asking is chocolate bad for dogs?

    Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

    Even if you’re not a dog owner yourself, you probably still heard somewhere that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate. But why is chocolate bad for dogs? And is it really that bad that they can’t even have the smallest amounts? All chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but the level of damage it causes your dog depends […] More

  • A plate of cheese and a smiling golden retriever while one question remains is cheese bad for dogs

    Is Cheese Bad For Dogs?

    If you’re a cheese lover you might feel tempted from time to time to share a piece or two with your dog. But is that even safe? Or is cheese bad for dogs? We know that some dogs can be lactose intolerant. But is the sensitivity higher or lower when it comes to lactose from […] More

  • Dog refusing to eat. How long can a dog go without eating??

    How long can a dog go without eating?

    How long can a dog go without eating seems like such a weird question, however you’d be surprised how many owners ask it. There are so many reasons why a dog could refuse food leaving their owners desperate. These reasons range from misbehavior to serious health issues. But no matter what the reason is, you […] More

  • Golden retriever puppy drinking milk while his owner wonders are dogs lactose intolerant

    Are Dogs Lactose Intolerant?

    Our dogs love milk products! But there is one thing when it comes to dairy that may be a problem: Lactose intolerance! But is that even a thing when it comes to our canine friends? Are dogs lactose intolerant? The shortest possible answer to that would be: Maybe. To know is an occasional sip of […] More

  • Funny picture of a dog eating in order to answer the question how much should I feed my dog?

    How much should I feed my dog: What’s the rule?

    Dogs do not know how much they should eat, honestly, if you gave them a pound of food they would eat it all in a heartbeat. This is why dog parents need to know the answer to the question “How much should I feed my dog?”. Knowing the answer to this question is crucial to […] More

  • Can dogs eat cat food?

    Can dogs eat cat food? Here’s the truth!

    If you’re a cat and dog owner it has probably happened sometimes that your dog ate the cat’s foot. Naturally, you were worried and wondered can dogs eat cat food? Is it dangerous for dogs or is it safe? Many people have scared me into thinking that cat food is very bad for dogs, apparently, […] More

  • Owner trying to decide which food is good or bad for dogs

    Which Food Is Good Or Bad For Dogs?

    Being a dog owner can be overwhelming from time to time. Even though we are trying our best, mistakes are still unavoidable. Some mistakes are bigger than others, and when it comes to food we need to be as careful as possible. Some foods that are completely harmless to us can be poisonous to our […] More

  • Dog looking at cake

    How to make a dog cake: What you need to know

    Is your dog’s birthday coming around and you would like to do something nice for him or her? Gifts are a given, but what about you make a delicious dog cake? The problem is that many dog owners don’t know how to make a dog cake! By dog cake I mean a cake that will […] More

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