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  • Video of a dog and cow meeting touched the Internet

    Blanaid May posted on her TikTok profile a video of a touching repeated encounter between a golden retriever and a cow, which he had met over the past six months. She explained that she and her dog were walking around the neighborhood in August 2020, when they watched another dog cuddle with a cow. They […] More

  • This Female Golden Retriever Thinks She’s the Mother of Baby Goats

    Sometimes, maternal instincts cross-species. We feel it when our pets literally feel like our kids and sometimes animals experience that deep, bonding love for animals they’re 100 percent not related to—like Loryn, a golden retriever who is super sure she’s the mom to some rescued baby goats. Loryn cuddles her rescued goat babies and it’s […] More

  • These Photos Of A Rescued Tortoise And His Best Friend Are Amazing

    It’s no secret that the internet loves unlikely animal friendships and we have a cute one for you today. Meet Larry, an African spurred tortoise, and Cricket, a golden retriever. It’s hard to imagine a chill tortoise and an energetic golden retriever being besties, but it happened. According to National Geographic, it all started with […] More