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  • A picture of a dog staring at cherries in order to answer can dogs have cherries

    Can dogs have cherries? What you need to know

    Sweet cherries, what is the first say that comes to mind when I say that? Summer, right! Cherries are a super popular food and we tend to eat them a lot during summer. However, there is a little problem with cherries, and human food in general. Our dogs keep begging for some! No matter what […] More

  • Pictures of nectarines in order to answer the question can dogs eat nectarines

    Can dogs eat nectarines? Sweet and healthy, but are they safe?

    Nectarines are a real summer fruit, just like watermelon! They are sweet and refreshing, yet healthy! It’s a fact that nectarines are rich in vitamins A and C, magnesium, potassium, and dietary fiber! It’s also a fact that our four-legged friends LOVE to eat whatever we are having. But can we give nectarines to dogs? […] More

  • A bowl of dates in order to answer can dogs eat dates?

    Can dogs eat dates: Harmful or safe?

    Dates have become more popular in the last few years. Many use them to make healthy desserts or in shakes because they are a great substitute for sugar. With the fact that dates are more and more common in American households, lot of people wonder can dogs eat dates? After all, they are very sweet […] More

  • Split image of Golden retriever and different fruit in order to illustrate and answer the question what fruits can dogs eat

    What fruits can dogs eat and which are toxic?

    As dog owners we want our dogs to be healthy. We give them high-quality food, we buy them delicious but nutritional treats and we even share some fruits and vegetables with our four-legged friends. But have you ever asked yourself the question of what fruits can dogs eat actually? Are all the fruits that are […] More