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  • Golden Retriever Peeing

    Why Is My Golden Retriever Peeing So Much & Should I Worry?

    Let’s make one thing clear in the beginning, there is no need to raise all of the alarms and go into panic mode just because you noticed your Golden Retriever is peeing a lot. There are many possible reasons for your Goldens frequent urination, some are completely benign and some are more serious health issues.  […] More

  • Puppy Strangles In Golden Retrievers

    Puppy Strangles In Golden Retrievers: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Puppy strangles, or juvenile cellulitis is an idiopathic skin condition that affects young puppies. Puppy strangles mostly affect those puppies between one and six months of age. Certain dog breeds are more likely to develop this condition. Golden Retrievers as a breed are particularly susceptible to develop puppy strangles, on the other hand, this condition […] More

  • If You Want To Get A Golden Retriever You Need To Know This!

    It is known that Goldies are great pets. They are very loyal, good with children, other dogs, and even other animals. They are very active and playful. We searched for more characteristics of them so you can know if they are a great choice for you and your lifestyle. Adaptability When we talk about adaptability, […] More

  • Liver Disease In Golden Retrievers

    Liver Disease In Golden Retrievers

    The liver is the second largest organ in Golden Retriever’s body. It performs about 1,500 essential functions in your Golden’s body. It is one of the four major organs that remove toxins from your dog. Liver disease in Golden Retrievers occurs when the liver is damaged. The harder your dog’s liver has to work, the […] More

  • Golden Retriever Eating Dirt

    Why is My Golden Retriever Eating Dirt And How To Stop It?

    It’s not uncommon to see your Golden Retriever eating dirt, as they love to do some weird things. Of course for every action there is always cause. Eating dirt is no exception, and there is a reason why your Golden Retriever is doing this. Now, these reasons can be benign, like boredom or if something […] More

  • Featured image of the articlle Golden Retriever Worms

    Golden Retriever Worms Infection: Prevention, Identification, Treatment

    Dog’s, including Golden Retrievers are perfect hosts for many species of parasites. One of the most common and most dangerous parasitic species that your Golden Retriever can contract are worms. What Exactly Are These Worms? Worms are parasites that live inside dog’s intestine. Some of these parasites can cause serious diseases, some are less dangerous […] More

  • heat cycles of a golden retriever

    Heat cycles of a Golden Retriever

    Most healthy and maintained females get so-called heat cycles twice a year, ie. they enter the ovulation process. The intervals between menstrual cycles are usually even and amount to six months. In some cases, this period of time can be longer, but this is not a sign of alarm. The heat cycles of a Golden […] More