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  • how to teach a golden to swim

    How To Teach a Golden Retriever Puppy To Swim

    Dogs are a man’s best friend.  Granted that you may think that because a retriever is bred for fetching things that he would automatically take to water but that’s not the case every time. Some retrievers are scared of water and that can make it hard to teach him to swim. How to introduce puppy […] More

  • golden retriever doesn't like grooming

    Can’t Touch This: Goofy Golden Retriever Does Not Like Grooming

    Golden Retrievers may be very friendly and social breed, but they can also get really angry when someone touches their paws and tries to bathe them or cut their fur – which creates a lot of problems for their human friends. Owners love when their pets are clean and groomed. They are trying to make […] More

  • abandoned golden retriever helping sick people

    Abandoned Golden Retriever Cody Becomes Therapy Dog Helping Patients

    Meet Cody, the abandoned pup now bringing joy and therapy to seriously ill patients. Proving that a dog truly is man’s best friend, Cody is one of a team of pooches patrolling the country, ‘offering warmth, energy and a sense of healing’ to all who meet him. The six-year-old golden retriever is a regular visitor […] More

  • golden retriever found dead after being stolen with the car

    Golden Retriever Taken In A Stolen Car Found Dead

    The story of a stolen Golden Retriever in Chattanooga has come to an unhappy end. JC Morrissey posted on Facebook Thursday, begging anyone to help him find his Golden Retriever named Abby. He says she was inside his mother’s car when it was stolen in an Alley at McCallie and Central. He described Abby as […] More

  • Golden Retriever Temperament

    Golden Retriever Temperament

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. There are two main reasons for their rise in popularity. The first reason is the beautiful, long, golden-colored coat. The second is their personality and temperament. Today we will talk about what you can expect from a Golden Retriever regarding his temperament. Golden […] More

  • golden retriever trying to steal a microphone

    Golden Retriever Interrupts Live News to Steal Reporter’s Microphone

    A golden retriever picked an inopportune moment to start a game of fetch. Russian reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was recently in the middle of a live weather forecast when a cute and surprising co-anchor crashed it. In the clip, Serezhkina is in the midst of her live weather report, communicating with studio host Elina Dashkueva, when […] More

  • Therapy Dog Cheers Special-needs Children During Pandemic

    Surrounded by parents and teachers, five children with disabilities in a Spanish special-needs school cannot hide their excitement when Soul the therapy dog walks in wagging her tail. “What we have noticed a lot during the time of the pandemic is that they pay much more attention to the dog,” special education teacher Meritxell Arias […] More

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