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  • The Great Dane Husky Mix is a powerful but yet friendly dog breed

    Great Dane Husky Mix: Powerful And Friendly

    Can you imagine what the Great Dane Husky Mix would like? It’s not too hard, huh? This is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the Great Dane and the Siberian Husky. You can probably guess that this is going to be a large dog. However, when it comes to other characteristics —there are […] More

  • A beautiful great dane poodle mix walking on a leash

    Great Dane Poodle Mix: The Great Danoodle

    If you have never heard of the Great Danoodles, don’t worry – we’ll explain everything in this article. First of all, they are a crossbreed of the Poodle and the Great Dane. At first sight, these may be big dogs, but their charming personalities and calm dispositions make them a pleasure to spend time around, […] More

  • Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

    Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

    The Great Dane German Shepherd Mix is also called the Great Shepherd. And for good reason! There is a hand full of famous dog breeds, and the Great Dane and German Shepherd are one of them. The German Shepherd is known for being the fighter among dogs and a bit scary. The Great Dane is […] More

  • Blue Great Dane

    Blue Great Dane: Why they’re different

    Great Danes are amazing dogs. Loving, loyal and gentle. But, did you know that they come in many different colors, including blue! That’s right, the Blue Great Dane is real! Besides the Blue Dane, we also have the Harlequin Great Dane and the Merle Great Dane. All of which are special in their own way. […] More

  • Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

    Great Dane Chihuahua Mix: Is it really possible?

    A Great Dane Chihuahua mix sounds unbelievable. No, it sounds impossible! How could a mix between the big Great Dane and the tiny Chihuahua be real? When I heard about this I thought it was a joke. No way was this possible! Just look at their sizes. But the idea didn’t leave my head. I […] More

  • The Great Dane Mastiff Mix dog is truly a gentle giant

    Great Dane Mastiff Mix: Gentle Giants

    You can probably already guess that the Great Dane Mastiff mix is going to be a huge dog! And they really are giants — but gentle giants. Both of their parent breeds are known to be sweet and affectionate pups. And no matter how big these dogs get, they will always believe that they are […] More

  • A beautiful merle great dane relaxing on the grass

    Merle Great Dane: Breed Info

    You probably already heard about the Great Dane. They are the largest dog breed in the world. However, that doesn’t have to worry you — they are basically gentle giants. These dogs are friendly, sweet, goofy, and affectionate. But what makes the Merle Great Dane stand out? So, the Great Dane comes in many color […] More

  • great dane pitbull mix

    Great Dane Pitbull Mix: The attention seeker

    Great Danes and Pitbulls are large dogs with big hearts. But what if we mix those two? How would the Great Dane Pitbull Mix be like? The Greate Danebull is a designer dog. So, we don’t know for sure how they are. But, we can get an idea when looking at both parent breeds. ALSO […] More

  • Big Dogs

    Big Dogs: Pros, Cons & The 5 Best Big Dog Breeds

    It’s a fact that out of all animals on this planet, humans love dogs the most. This info should not surprise anyone knowing that dogs share a really special connection with us. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a loyal furry friend. Some like small dog breeds, while others prefer big dogs. Today, we will talk […] More

  • What Is The Biggest Dog In The World

    What Is The Biggest Dog In The World?

    Dogs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Therefore, every dog owner will surely find furry friends that best suit his needs and expectations. Some owners want large dog breeds like Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Great Danes, while others prefer Chihuahuas, Pugs, etc. But, how big can a dog really grow and what […] More