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  • A dog having difficulty breathing while his owner wonders can dogs have asthma

    Can Dogs Have Asthma? Signs And Symptoms

    If you’re suffering from chronic asthma you know that it isn’t in any way fun. But what about our dogs? Can dogs have asthma too? Or are they lucky enough to not have to worry about it at all? Unfortunately, just like us, our canine friends can get asthma too. It’s important to inform yourself […] More

  • Dog with injuries getting his head checked while his owner wonders can dogs get concussions

    Can Dogs Get Concussions?

    We know that concussions aren’t something to joke around with when it comes to humans. But can dogs get concussions too? YES! And there aren’t harmless for them either. Dog concussions are a serious medical emergency. Our dogs can’t tell us if they are having a headache or experiencing any other symptoms, but during MRI […] More

  • Can dogs get corona

    Can Dogs Get Corona? Here’s What Science Says

    We have been in a global pandemic for over a year now. Millions of people have been infected by the new coronavirus. Many people have died, and thankfully many people have recovered from it successfully. But is COVID only limited to humans, or can animals get it too? Or specifically, can dogs get corona? Can […] More

  • Golden retriever laying in bed while his owner wonders can dogs get colds

    Can Dogs Get Colds? Signs And Treatment

    Even though common colds don’t put our lives at risk, it’s still pretty annoying. It seems as if it takes forever for them to go away, and all they do is make our lives harder. But can dogs get colds too? Yes, they actually can! But sometimes the symptoms we associate to a cold, could […] More

  • Golden retriever scratching himself while his owner is wondering can dogs get poison ivy

    Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?

    If you ever came in contact with poison ivy, you know what the aftermath is – terrible and annoying rashes. But can it affect dogs as well? Can dogs get poison ivy? While the answer to this question is yes, it seems as if it affects dogs way less than humans. Their thick coats reduce […] More

  • A dog laying next to aspirin while his owner wants to know can you give dogs aspirin

    Can You Give Dogs Aspirin?

    Seeing our dogs be in pain hurts us too. All we want is to help them. In those moments it can be tempting to treat them with the medications we have at home — like aspirin, for example. But can you give dogs aspirin? Is it even safe? The truth is that aspirin can have […] More

  • Adorable golden retriever puppy looking at owner while he wonders can dogs get pink eye?

    Can Dogs Get Pink Eye? Canine Conjunctivitis

    Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis is a condition that’s fairly common in humans. It manifests as itchy and red inflammation of the conjuctiva. The conjuctiva is a membrane that covers part of the front surface of the eye and inner surface of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is terribly annoying and inconvenient for us humans. But […] More

  • Golden retriever at the vet getting shaved while his owner wonders can dogs get skin cancer

    Can Dogs Get Skin Cancer? Signs And Symptoms

    One thing every dog owner fears is getting a cancer diagnosis for your furry friend. But many people don’t even know what types of cancer a dog can get. Can dogs get skin cancer, for example? The answer is yes! And unfortunately, skin cancer is fairly common in some dog breeds. If you ever see […] More

  • Golden retriever looking sad at the couch while his owner wonders can dogs get cancer?

    Can Dogs Get Cancer? Symptoms And Treatment

    The bond between a dog and it’s owner is unbreakable. The last thing we ever want is to see our furry friends suffer. Unfortunately, sometimes we have no choice. Clearly, we already know that dogs can have many diseases that we as humans can get too. Such as heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy… Therefore many dog […] More

  • Golden retriever laying down sick while his owner wonders can dogs catch the flu

    Can Dogs Catch The Flu?

    If you ever asked yourself “can dogs catch the flu”, know that the answer, unfortunately, is a clear yes! Thankfully, it isn’t fatal in most cases, but it can make your pup feel sick and exhausted. It’s important to educate yourself on the symptoms, the prevention, and treatment. In that way you’ll know how to […] More

  • Golden retriever scratching itself while his owner wonders can dogs have benadryl

    Can Dogs Have Benadryl?

    If your dog is suffering from seasonal allergies or anxiety, clearly all you want to do as their owner is help them. Many owners will consider giving their dogs different medications, and Benadryl seems to be a widely popular one. But can dogs have Benadryl? And if so, how much? Benadryl is one of the […] More

  • Bottle of Melatonin and a Dog in order to answer the question can you give dogs melatonin

    Can you give dogs melatonin? Benefits and side effects

    Melatonin is a hormone in humans that helps your body know when it’s time to sleep and wake up. However, sometimes it happens that people don’t produce enough melatonin, so they take supplements. This happens in cases of insomnia or general sleep problems due to your job or school schedules. On the other hand, we […] More

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