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  • yeti dog bowl stainless steel bowl

    Yeti dog bowl: Are stainless steel bowls safe for dogs?

    In the last couple of years, the Yeti Dog Bowl has become a hit among dog owners! Everyone is getting them for their pooches. And for good reason. apparently, these dog bowls are high quality and durable. But they are also very expensive. But, that’s not the reason for this article. We’re actually going to […] More

  • Doberman with cropped ears and another Doberman with uncropped ears that are floppy

    Doberman Uncropped Ears: Better Or Worse?

    You probably have already heard of Dobermans. These canines are known for their slim, elegant but yet muscular and strong appearance. Their pointy, erect ears give them even more of an intimidating appearance. However, did you know that not all Dobermans look like that? Dobermans get that look due to ear cropping. But a Doberman […] More

  • puppy strangles

    Puppy strangles: What it is and why it occurs

    Recently I took my puppy to the vet. While we were patiently waiting in our seats, there was another lady and her puppy right across from us. Now, I’m not the one to stare, but this lady’s puppy looked different. I guess the lady noticed my concern and quietly said “It’s puppy strangles.” This kind […] More

  • can dogs have asparagus

    Can dogs have asparagus?

    Dogs want to try whatever we’re eating. Be it chocolate, pretzels, or vegetables and fruits. They don’t care what it is, they just want a bite. But, not all human foods are safe for dogs. We all know that chocolate is toxic and that pretzels have too much salt in them. When it comes to […] More

  • What is anaplasmosis in dogs and how to prevent it

    Anaplasmosis In Dogs: What It Is

    Anaplasmosis in dogs is a common canine infection. It is caused by the anaplasmas parasite. Just like with many other diseases, ticks are the carriers of anaplasmas. Sadly, many dogs are affected by this disease. However, there are ways to treat and prevent it. It’s up to every dog owner to learn about this condition […] More

  • micro bully

    Micro Bully: Why they’re usually a scam

    Have you ever heard of the Micro Bully? The American Bully is a newer designer dog, a mix between the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. And this breed has many varieties. A Micro Bully sounds fun if you think about it. All the great traits of American Bullies, such as their kind nature, […] More

  • rottweiler golden retriever mix

    Rottweiler Golden Retriever Mix

    The Rottweiler Golden Retriever mix just like the name suggests is a mix between the Golden Retriever and Rottweiler. This mix is also called Golden Rottie and they are amazing dogs for many reasons! They have some of the best traits you can wish for in a dog and look adorable too! This is a […] More

  • can dogs eat crab

    Can dogs eat crab? How safe is it really?

    Fish and seafood in general are healthy for humans. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, but most importantly it’s rich in protein. This is especially true for crabs. But, given that it’s so healthy, does it mean it’s safe for dogs too? Can dogs eat crab? Human food is always a bit tricky, until we […] More

  • can dogs eat lettuce

    Can dogs eat lettuce and should they even eat it?

    We’ve covered many human foods, especially vegetables. For example, we talked about arugula, radishes, and we even have a detailed article on vegetables too. But we have never answered the question of can dogs eat lettuce. Lettuce is one of those leafy greens you can’t go wrong with when making a salad. It’s neutral in […] More

  • a dog's legs

    Where is a dog’s knee, and do they have elbows?

    Humans have knees and elbows, so we can move our limbs. But do dogs have knees? And if yes, where is a dog’s knee? Well, the answer to that question might actually surprise you. But, we won’t only answer where your dog’s knee is, we’ll also take a closer look at a dog’s anatomy. Knowing […] More

  • can dogs eat seaweed

    Can dogs eat seaweed? Read before you feed

    In the last couple of years, seaweed has become very popular. And for good reason! It has many nutrients important for our bodies. But what about our canine companions? Can dogs eat seaweed? Does it have the same health benefits on them as it has on us, humans? Many studies have shown that seaweed is […] More

  • Can dogs eat rib bones

    Can dogs eat rib bones? How safe is it?

    Sometimes we tend to give our dogs food from our plate without even thinking. The fact is, not all human food is safe for dogs. Now, we know that meat is okay for dogs to eat. But what about rib bones? Can dogs eat rib bones? No one of us wants to hurt our pups, […] More

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