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  • can dogs eat takis?

    Can dogs eat Takis? Junk food – yay or nay?

    My puppy (which I’ve told you already in my articles titled “When do puppies calm down?“) wants to try every existing human food! And I am not even kidding. It doesn’t matter what it is, if I’m eating it he wants a bit too! Be it apples, gummy bears, and also my chicken nuggets. Recently […] More

  • can dogs eat jello

    Can dogs have jello: Safe or toxic?

    Jello (or Jell-O) might not be a healthy food, but it’s definitely a fun food! And a great dessert! Now, given that jello has basically no nutritional value, is it still safe for dogs? Can dogs have jello? Jello contains powdered gelatin, sugars, and artificial sweeteners and it’s basically just a gelatin treat. So nothing […] More

  • Can dogs have gummy bears

    Can dogs have gummy bears?

    Gummy bears are by far the most popular non-chocolate candy in the US. This means that gummy bears can basically be found in almost every household. Including households with pets, specifically dogs. This leads us to the question can dogs have gummy bears? Is this delicious, fruity, sweet candy safe for dogs? Can dogs eat […] More

  • can dogs eat pickles

    Can dogs eat pickles? Safe treat or toxic?

    Pickles are one of those snacks you reach for when you don’t even know what you’re fancying. It’s simply the go-to snack for everyone. And while you’re snacking on your pickles, you have your dog begging for food. So you wonder, can dogs eat pickles? That’s exactly the question we’re going to answer today! We […] More

  • can dogs eat coconut

    Can dogs eat coconut? Is it really safe?

    Dog owners love to give their four-legged friends coconut oil, they practically swear by it. According to many dog owners, coconut makes dogs’ coats glossy and sleek, eliminates doggy odor, and even benefits metabolic function, weight loss, arthritis, and bone health! Now, given that coconut oil is so good, what about coconuts and coconut flesh […] More

  • can dogs eat olives

    Can dogs eat olives? What you should know

    Olives, one either loves them or hates them. There isn’t really an in-between. What can not be denied however is the fact that olives are very healthy for us humans. But what about dogs and their health? Should, and can dogs eat olives? These green (or black) little fruits (yes, olives are a fruit!) have […] More

  • Dog owner asking himself the following question: Can dogs eat bean sprouts

    Can Dogs Eat Bean Sprouts?

    Bean sprouts are known to be highly nutritious and healthy for humans. They are an amazing addition to salads, sandwiches and more. If you are a fan of bean sprouts than it’s most likely a staple in your diet, as it can be added to basically anything. But how about giving it to our canines? […] More

  • An adorable pup eating from a plastic spoon while his owner wonders can dogs eat grits

    Can Dogs Eat Grits? Read Before You Feed

    If you’re not a fan of oatmeal, but still like to eat something warm and quick in the morning then maybe your choice is grits. It’s easy to make when you’re running late or just don’t want to whip up something more complicated. However, when you’re in a hurry, is it also ok to give […] More

  • dog and sugar snap peas in order to answer can dogs eat sugar snap peas

    Can dogs eat sugar snap peas?

    Not all fruits and vegetables are safe for canines to consume. For example fruits like plums should never be fed to dogs. However, there are also safe options like apples and blueberries for fruits, and bell peppers or brussels sprouts for vegetables. But can dogs eat sugar snap peas? It’s always important to do good […] More

  • can dogs eat mango

    Can dogs eat mango fruit? What to know

    Mango fruit is very healthy and delicious! It is safe to say that it’s one of the most popular fruits in the world! But many dog owners wonder can dogs eat mango? Is this delicious fruit safe for your pooch? There are so many exotic and non-exotic fruits your dog can enjoy such as strawberries, […] More

  • A picture of grapes in order to answer are grapes good for dogs

    Are grapes good for dogs?

    Grapes are a delicious snack, they are very healthy for humans, yet they are sweet enough to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Grapes are great in summer too because, besides the fact that we can enjoy them fresh, they can also be enjoyed frozen! Given that grapes are such a great fruit, many dog […] More

  • A picture of a bowl of grapes in order to anwer are grapes toxic to dogs?

    Are grapes toxic to dogs and if yes why?

    Almost every dog owner is guilty of sharing human food with their dog. Sometimes we don’t even think about whether or not the human food we’re giving our dogs is actually safe for them. Let’s take grapes for example. This juicy, sweet fruit is very popular, especially in the summer. You’ve probably wondered at some […] More

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