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  • Gol retriever puppy next to two hot dogs Wondering can dogs eat hot dogs?

    Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? Are They Safe?

    We know that dogs love to have a bite of our favorite junk food. But what about hot dogs? Can dogs eat hot dogs or should we avoid giving them any the next time that we are indulging in this comfort food. Truth is that many ingredients found in hot dogs can be toxic for […] More

  • Pictured is dog food in order to answer can humans eat dog food?

    Can humans eat dog food?

    Have you ever wondered how your dog’s food tastes like? I think we all had that thought at dome point while feeding our dogs. But can humans eat dog food? Now hear me out, I know it’s a weird question, like why would you eat dog food, I get it. Wouldn’t it be interesting to […] More