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  • Golden retriever stealing buns from stranger

    Golden Retriever Got Caught Stealing Buns From Stranger

    As perfect as golden retrievers are, they still do have some weak spots. One of them definitely is food. These pups are simply obsessed with food (especially human food) and will sometimes do anything it takes to get some extra treats. If you have ever left some food on your coffee table unsupervised you already […] More

  • Golden retriever and baby spending their time together

    Besties: Golden Retriever Kisses Baby And Receives The Biggest Smile

    Golden retrievers and babies are simply meant to be besties! And this is simply a fact. We don’t know why these two are so obsessed with each other, but they simply are. Babies and small kids see golden retrievers as gentle giants, they are just so unbelievably fascinating to them and all they want to […] More

  • Golden retriever with baby sister

    Golden Retriever Meeting Her Baby Sister For The First Time

    If you’ve been a golden retriever owner for some time now you know just how obsessed these dogs are with babies. Their strong parental instincts simply don’t allow them to not devote their full attention and energy into protecting any little and fragile creatures. You’ve most likely already read stories about golden retrievers adopting baby […] More

  • Nala the golden retriever enjoying her time at Disney World amusement park

    Service Dog Nala Is Disney’s Most Favorite Dog

    Three year old Nala is a service dog and helps out her owner Megan Leigh who has autism and PTSD. Nala has been selflessly by Megan’s side for more than two years, and to reward Nala’s hard work Megan takes Nala from time to time to Disneyland. At Disneyland Nala is living her best life. […] More

  • Golden retriever working out on the floor with a large group of people

    This Athletic Golden Retriever Will Make You Beach Body Ready

    In case you are currently trying to get beach body ready and need some extra motivation to get done with your workouts, the one thing that may be missing in your life is a good fitness coach. And we think that we have found just the perfect one. Depending on where you live, group workouts […] More

  • Jealous Golden Retriever hugging his owner in front of girlfriend

    Jealous Golden Retriever Doesn’t Want To Share It’s Owner

    In case you were the pawrent of your golden retriever before you got together with your partner, you might be familiar with the jealousy they experience after you bring your significant other home for the first time. It’s no different for this golden retriever owner and his girlfriend. After the couple started hugging in front […] More

  • Golden retriever owner with his dog trying to convince him to take a bath

    Owner Struggles To Trick His Golden Retriever Into Taking A Bath

    No matter how old they get it seems like our golden retrievers never really grow to love taking baths. We’ll always have to bribe them with treats, some snuggles and toys. And it was no different for the golden retriever from today’s video. In a clip that was shared on Instagram by the account @lifeofsterlingnewton, […] More