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  • Canine experiencing major separation anxiety while his owner wonders about reconcile for dogs

    Reconcile For Dogs: Separation Anxiety Meds

    Reconcile for dogs is a chewable and flavored medication that veterinarians prescribe to treat separation anxiety. It contains fluoxetine hydrochloride and is available in 8, 16, 32, and 64 mg tablet strengths. The dog takes it orally. What is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is the fear of losing or getting detached from something or someone […] More

  • Dog running around fields of grass while his owner is wondering about allergy medicine for dogs

    Allergy Medicine For Dogs

    Allergies — the another word for absolute agony. Your eyes are watery, your sniffling all the time, and then also the annoying sneezing. Thanks to God and modern medicine that there are allergy medications. However, what about our beloved pets? Many dog owners also have to watch their pets suffer from different types of allergies. […] More

  • A canine experiencing separation anxiety while his owner is wondering about the possible dog anxiety medication

    Dog Anxiety Medication: How To Help Your Canine

    Just like humans, dogs can suffer from different types of anxiety as well. No dog owner wants to see his beloved canine companion go through the draining emotions that anxiety causes. That’s why responsible dog owner seek professional help. If your dog was recently diagnosed with anxiety you might be wondering about the options for […] More

  • Golden retriever owner applying dog ear infection medicine to his pup

    Dog Ear Infection Medicine

    Dog ear infections are serious medical conditions that could lead to hearing loss or facial paralysis. While these complications are rare, and an ear infection manifest with mostly mild symptoms, it’s still crucial to treat even the smallest infections. To learn more about dog ear infection medicine, and other possible ways of treating these diseases, […] More

  • A veterinarian prescribing heartworm medicine for dogs

    Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

    Heartworm disease is a serious parasitic infection spread by mosquitoes. It can lead to serious medical conditions such as: heart failure, lung disease, and even death. To learn more about the disease itself, click here. However to learn more about the treatment and heartworm medicine for dogs, keep reading this article. What is the treatment […] More

  • Dog sniffing on flowers while his owner wonders about the Claritin side effects or other medications for dogs

    Claritin Side Effects In Dogs

    Allergies are the worst. The constant feeling of discomfort as soon as spring arrives. But it can be especially difficult for our canine companions as they have no other choice than to relay on us to help them. Many dog owners will give their dogs some over the counter allergy medicine without properly discussing it […] More

  • An adorable puppy laying on the couch in pain while his owner wonders can dogs take tylenol

    Can Dogs Take Tylenol For Pain Relief?

    Tylenol, also known as Acetaminophen, is an over-the-counter medication that’s used to manage pain and fever. It has been used for decades and it seems as if it’s completely safe for humans. But can dogs take Tylenol for pain relief? The short answer is sometimes yes, but better not. However, if you want to know […] More

  • A golden retriever napping on the table while his owner is figuring out is Tramadol for dogs safe

    Tramadol For Dogs: What To Know

    Tramadol is one of the few painkillers prescribed to both, dogs and human. Tramadol for dogs is used to treat different types of pain. Either after surgery, from osteoarthritis or other conditions. It works by inhibiting the reuptake of different neurotransmitters in the brain, causing therefore euphoria and reducing pain. Therefore it works in a […] More

  • Dog laying on floor in pain while his owner wonders what are the tramadol side effect of medications for dogs

    Tramadol Side Effects In Dogs

    When we are in pain, we know what to do and how to help ourselves. But when our dogs are going through something, it isn’t that easy. You might consider giving them a painkiller from your home pharmacy kit to help the situation. But how safe is that? Tramadol is a widely used painkiller for […] More

  • Dog trying to sleep with a blanket over his head while his owner wonders is melatonin for dogs safe?

    Melatonin For Dogs: Is It Safe?

    If your dog has a hard time with going to sleep, you might be considering to give him melatonin. Humans have been using melatonin for years. It helps us go to sleep, have a better sleep cycle and feel more rested. But is melatonin for dogs safe? Recently, some evidence suggested that melatonin can help […] More

  • Golden retriever looking sad and in pain while his owner is learning about prozac side effects

    Prozac Side Effects In Dogs

    Prozac, or also known as Fluoxetine, is an antidepressant an anti-anxiety medication that is usually used to treat humans. It works by inhibiting the reuptake of a neurotransmitter called serotonin. But it can also lead to some serious health issues. To learn about Prozac side effects in dogs, continue reading this article. But in some […] More

  • Golden retriever next to a bottle of tums while his owner wonders can you give a dog tums

    Can You Give A Dog Tums?

    If your dog is suffering from stomach aches, you might consider grabbing some over-the-counter medications to help him. However, which ones are safe for dogs? Can you give a dog tums? The short answer is – It depends. While a small dosage of tums won’t do any harm to dogs, some side effects are still […] More

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