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  • golden retriever saved the owner

    Service Dog Leaps in Front of Bus to Protect Blind Owner

    When a mini school bus driving kindergartners to school on Monday morning headed towards Audrey Stone, Figo – a blind woman’s service golden retriever – knew he needed to act quickly to protect her. The pup threw himself at the bus’s wheels to slow its impact, bringing the vehicle to a halt after hitting the […] More

  • golden retriever in hair salon

    Golden Retriever Gets His Hair Done With Mom At The Salon

    Hairstylists are wonderful people. We know that they make great hairstyles, but they are great listeners too. They will listen to us talk about anything and everything, including our pets. When Brittany Taylor went to hair salon to get her hair styled, she did not stop talking about her puppy. His name is Luka and […] More

  • golden retriever nicknames

    Funniest Nicknames Golden Retriever Owners Call Their Dogs

    Everybody has embarrassing nicknames for golden retrievers, it is a way to show them how much we love them. Some are sweet, like Angel Face, while others can be funny and not ordinary, like Marty McFarty. When you decide to have a dog, the first thing which you must do is to pick a name. […] More

  • golden retrievers drinking with owner

    Woman Made A Great Photoshoot With Her Goldens

    Furry friends offer us love and companionship, but for Ursula Aitchison, they’re also the muses for her charming photographs. Her Golden Retriever named Hugo is the inspiration for her ongoing series of portraits that feature the two together. Aitchison and Hugo are the yin to each other’s yang. When Hugo is alone, however, he proves […] More

  • golden retriever puppy eyes

    Dog Shames His Owner For Not Sharing His Snack

    This hilariously sad video features a Golden Retriever named Winston. Sweet Winston has a grey muzzle that suggests he’s no young puppy. If you watch the video you’ll see that Winston has nailed down the puppy dog eyes, especially when there’s a snack involved. Unfortunately for Winston, no amount of puppy dog eyes and silent […] More

  • golden retriever saved owner in the room

    Remarkable Dog Saves Tipsy Human From Potentially Dangerous Fall

    Dogs bring out the best in us in more ways than we think. Often, they’re capable of thinking fast in dangerous situations. So, when Jax the Golden Retriever saw his intoxicated mom struggling to stand, he knew he had to help. Hannah Quintus almost fell over after having a few too many drinks. She’s embarrassed […] More

  • Dog’s Favorite Toy Comes To Life And She Loses Her Mind

    We love our dogs. It’s a fact! What wouldn’t we do to make them happy? Jolene is the sweetest dog and her owners want to reward her for all her good behavior. She has an obsession with her Gumby toy. She takes her Gumby toy everywhere- nibbles on him, cuddles with him. They’re the best […] More

  • The Reasons Dogs Put Their Paws On You

    You shower your dog with all kinds of affection—but are you ever unsure whether your dog really loves you back? This simple act may be your answer. Most dog owners have likely experienced your dog pawing at your legs. While you may brush off this act as a mere annoyance, it’s actually your pup’s way […] More

  • She pretended to cry in front of the dog, his reaction surprised her

    The owner of one adorable dog decided to pretend to cry in front of him to see his reaction and was pleasantly surprised. The video that appeared on TikTok shows the girl sitting on the floor with her head between her knees, which she hugged with her hands. Her dog immediately started sniffing to figure […] More

  • See how this golden retriever greets its owner

    The cute golden retriever Riley greets his owner every day by jumping into his arms, which is why he has become a hit on the internet. Its owner Nick Kime posted a video on Instagram showing the way Riley always greets him, and very quickly the video attracted a large number of followers. More