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  • Golden retriever puppy looking sad while his owner is wondering how do dogs get heartworm

    How Do Dogs Get Heartworm Disease?

    As annoying as a mosquito bites can be for humans, they can be deadly for our furry companions. Mosquitoes spread a parasitic worm that causes a condition also known as heartworms. That is a serious disease that can result in heart failure, lung disease, and death. But how do dogs get heartworm disease, and what […] More

  • Featured image of the articlle Golden Retriever Worms

    Golden Retriever Worms Infection: Prevention, Identification, Treatment

    Dog’s, including Golden Retrievers are perfect hosts for many species of parasites. One of the most common and most dangerous parasitic species that your Golden Retriever can contract are worms. What Exactly Are These Worms? Worms are parasites that live inside dog’s intestine. Some of these parasites can cause serious diseases, some are less dangerous […] More