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  • mom playing with goldie puppies

    Watch This Golden Retriever Play and Get Swarmed by Her Little Puppies

    If you ever wanted to reduce your stress or just wanted to watch something to unwind, just watch dogs play with their pups. It’s amazing to see the love other animals have for their young and they’ll do everything to protect them. Boon the Golden Retriever mommy gets swarmed by her 7-week-old puppies and they […] More

  • Golden retriever snout

    Why Do Our Dogs Sneeze When They Play

    Have you ever been peacefully playing with your dog and they just start sneezing out of nowhere? Sometimes they will sneeze for a minute straight and you’ll just have to ask yourself: Is everything okay? The most common reasons that can trigger sneezing are: Strong scentsSeasonal allergiesParticles flying in the airDog furs that fly loose […] More

  • Goldie Doesn’t Want To Go Home From Park, Plays Dead

    A dog-owner was left in a very awkward spot in a crowded park when his dog refused to leave the park and go home. To make things worse for the owner, the entire ordeal became an entertaining pastime for the spectators who didn’t leave a single chance to crack jokes and cheer the dog! In […] More

  • Cute Baby Playing With Golden Retriever Will Make Your Day

    Dogs love to play the game of fetch, but they often indulge in a tug of war as well while refusing to give up so easily. A 10-second video clip of a cute baby trying to take a soft toy from a Golden Retriever is winning people’s hearts. The video, posted on the Instagram handle […] More

  • A Golden Retriever and Child Share Their Toys

    Dogs are awesome friends, energetic, brave, cunning, and full of tricks, but they are also loyal and caring. They are always happy to protect their human pals – especially the smallest ones, and are ready to share their toys and food with those little guys, like it is their own puppies. This golden retriever is […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Has Unusual Way Of Playing

    “If I move slowly enough, you can’t see me.” Having a puppy means laughing all day. The owner of this puppy is certainly never sad. To his older golden retriever, his younger brother’s behavior doesn’t seem interesting, but he still plays with it.   Watch the video, you’ve certainly never seen this way of playing. More