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  • mom playing with goldie puppies

    Watch This Golden Retriever Play and Get Swarmed by Her Little Puppies

    If you ever wanted to reduce your stress or just wanted to watch something to unwind, just watch dogs play with their pups. It’s amazing to see the love other animals have for their young and they’ll do everything to protect them. Boon the Golden Retriever mommy gets swarmed by her 7-week-old puppies and they […] More

  • Golden Retrievers Love to Eat Ice

    Ice Cube Jackpot

    Ever wonder what your dogs do when you’re not around at home? They look for and figure out something to entertain themselves! These Golden Retriever puppies are no exception! Well, in this case, the mom was so cool to just let them have fun even though she was right there to witness this mischief! lol. […] More

  • How many puppies do Golden retrievers have?

    Finding out your Golden retriever being pregnant is definitely very exciting and a little bit scary! Especially if it’s the first time. Being prepared, and making sure everything is ready for the new litter is a must. But, in all the chaos of making sure everything is perfect, probably wondering how many puppies do Golden […] More

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Golden Retriever Puppy Slips and Falls

    Watching your pets grow from babies to adults is a wholesome, fulfilling journey. Isn’t it just remarkable to see these baby animals make mistakes and then learn from them as they grow? A video of a bunch of golden retriever puppies has been making the rounds on Instagram as one of them was playing atop […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppies Launch Cuteness Attack On Little Boy

    Puppies are an unstoppable force of nature when they’re in a group. Actually, they’re incredibly cute in a group! We love to watch videos of puppy “attacks” because they’re full of that happy energy and playfulness that we admire about puppies. And one video had a young boy falling victim to the cuteness overload that […] More

  • 15 Questions You Should Ask the Breeder

    If you are getting a dog, most veterinarians recommend that you buy from a breeder. Choosing a breeder, however, can be rather difficult. To help you get a healthy and happy pet from a humane breeder, you’ll need to be prepared to ask some questions. 1. Are the puppy’s parents “certified”? Since certain breeds are […] More

  • Adorable Puppies In Pajamas Will Melt Your Heart

    In most cases, being a pet-parent is very similar to that of any other parent. Owners feed their dogs, educated them, get them daily exercise, and most importantly, love them. To some, a dog is their child and of course will be treated as such! This heart-warming collection of images of sleepy puppies dressed in […] More

  • 15 Most Popular America’s Dog Breeds As Puppies

    Cats VS dogs. It’s an argument that has broken relationships or turned roommates against each other. But all of them would agree that one thing is the cutest: puppies.  Characteristics like large heads on small bodies, big round eyes, and soft body parts are universally cute. We can all agree that black lab puppies, French […] More