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  • Is it normal for puppies to sleep a lot?

    Is it normal for puppies to sleep a lot?

    In my last article (titled “When do puppies calm down?” if you want to read it) I’ve told you that I got a new puppy. I feel really blessed, and sometimes a little bit tired. You see, if my puppy isn’t being his hyper self, he is sleeping. And sometimes it feels like he is […] More

  • Adorable Golden Retriever puppy sleeps on couch while his owner wonders should I wake up my puppy to pee at night


    Should I Wake Up My Puppy To Pee At Night?

    If you just started to potty train your puppy, you might be wondering: Should I wake up my puppy to pee at night? And will I risk him making a mess if I don’t? While letting your puppy get the rest he needs is important, you still have to consider that puppies have very small […] More

  • Worried dog owner asking when to switch puppy to 2 meals a day

    When To Switch Puppy To 2 Meals A Day?

    If you recently became the proud owner of a puppy, you know how confusing it can be. That little adorable being is now depending on you to make the right decisions concerning his health, lifestyle and food choices. Food can be an especially tricky. You have to monitor if your puppy develops any kind of […] More

  • Picture on how to house train a dog?

    How to house train a dog? NOAH strategy

    New dog owners struggle the most with potty training their puppy. It’s so difficult to teach the new family member that he or she can’t do their business inside the house. It seems like you have made progress and your puppy finally understands where it should pee. However, then you find a stain on the […] More

  • golden retriever puppy training to help blind people

    Golden Retriever Gets Ready To Help Blind People

    All puppies are cute, but Xante is especially cute, and he is special. The 11-week-old golden retriever loves to play, eat and sleep, but the only thing he loves more is helping people. For 10 hours each week Xante (pronounced ZAN-tee) does these things “live” on the PG Puppy Cam. “Xante was bred for a […] More

  • puppy waiting for owner in front of the door

    A Golden Retriever Puppy Got Locked Outside His Human’s Bedroom

    Pet owners, if you’ve ever had to barricade your four-legged friend outside of your room at night, this video is not unknown for you. In an adorable video, a Golden Retriever named Chester is absolutely beside himself after getting locked out of his human’s bedroom. In the adorable clip we see Chester looking sad due […] More

  • golden retriever puppy swinging

    Adorable Golden Retriever Video Loves To Swing!

    There’s nothing better than spending your time playing out in the backyard with your dog like this Golden Retriever Video. Golden Retrievers dogs are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Here is a new video which will make your day. A video posted on Instagram proves that having fun on the playgrounds […] More

  • puppy fell asleep in a water bowl

    Tired 5 Week Old Puppy Falls Asleep In The Water Bowl

    We all have those days where we simply can’t keep our eyes open. No matter how many cups of coffee or how many silent pep talks, we just want to sleep. Believe it or not, puppies are like that sometimes too. The adorable little creatures that spend their days being doted on and snuggled and […] More

  • Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Hunts Toy Duck

    Everybody knows that canines are strong and loyal guardians, and they have a lot of useful skills for catching any prey out there in the wild. But it does not mean that domestic doggos lose these important skills. In fact, they are also fearless and cunning beasts – and are often adorable and round, like […] More

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