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  • puppy waiting for owner in front of the door

    A Golden Retriever Puppy Got Locked Outside His Human’s Bedroom

    Pet owners, if you’ve ever had to barricade your four-legged friend outside of your room at night, this video is not unknown for you. In an adorable video, a Golden Retriever named Chester is absolutely beside himself after getting locked out of his human’s bedroom. In the adorable clip we see Chester looking sad due […] More

  • golden retriever puppy swinging

    Adorable Golden Retriever Video Loves To Swing!

    There’s nothing better than spending your time playing out in the backyard with your dog like this Golden Retriever Video. Golden Retrievers dogs are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Here is a new video which will make your day. A video posted on Instagram proves that having fun on the playgrounds […] More

  • puppy fell asleep in a water bowl

    Tired 5 Week Old Puppy Falls Asleep In The Water Bowl

    We all have those days where we simply can’t keep our eyes open. No matter how many cups of coffee or how many silent pep talks, we just want to sleep. Believe it or not, puppies are like that sometimes too. The adorable little creatures that spend their days being doted on and snuggled and […] More

  • Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Hunts Toy Duck

    Everybody knows that canines are strong and loyal guardians, and they have a lot of useful skills for catching any prey out there in the wild. But it does not mean that domestic doggos lose these important skills. In fact, they are also fearless and cunning beasts – and are often adorable and round, like […] More

  • I Would Eat Me: Cute Golden Retriever Pup Tries to Bite Its Own Reflection

    Everybody knows doggos are smart, but sometimes they just don’t want to use their brain and start doing silly things. And, who knows – maybe they’re being deceptively clever since people love it when their canine friends are doing something barking. This little golden retriever pup is totally dedicated to doing whatever it is doing. […] More

  • A Moment Between Golden Retriever Dad and Puppy Will Make You Cry

    When it’s playtime, dogs often get super excited and are ready to get out of the house as soon as they can. This adorable video of a Golden Retriever puppy wanting to play with his dad is worth seeing more than once. A video of a Golden Retriever pup named Dave and his father, ‘Goose’, […] More

  • Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Happy to Sleep Anywhere

    Golden retriever puppies are known for their playful character, but all that running around takes it toll – just look at this little guy, he’s so tired he doesn’t care where – or how – he sleeps. An adorably drowsy golden retriever pup has been filmed catching Zs on a shelf under a coffee table […] More

  • The Cutest And Funniest Golden Retriever Puppies

    Is there anything sweeter than a golden retriever puppy? We are sure there is not, and we are sure that you agree with us. Shaggy, crazy, silly, loud, and unpredictable, they are all puppies. It’s hard to put together all the interesting moments related to them, but this video is sure to brighten your day […] More

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