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  • How much do dogs sleep

    How much do dogs sleep? What’s normal

    Does your dog doze off in a heartbeat and takes an hour-long nap three times a day? I know mine does (and I know I am jealous of how much they get to sleep)! Sometimes it feels like my dogs are sleeping 24 hours a day. This is of course not true (it would be […] More

  • How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Dogs Need

    How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Dogs Need?

    Dogs sleeping patterns differentiate from those in humans. We tend to be active and awake during the day and sleep throughout the night. Therefore, humans have two distinct cycles during the 24-hour period. On the other hand, dogs sleep on multiple occasions throughout the 24-hour period. But, how many hours of sleep do dogs need? […] More

  • Cute Golden Retriever Puppy Happy to Sleep Anywhere

    Golden retriever puppies are known for their playful character, but all that running around takes it toll – just look at this little guy, he’s so tired he doesn’t care where – or how – he sleeps. An adorably drowsy golden retriever pup has been filmed catching Zs on a shelf under a coffee table […] More

  • Going Back to Sleep: Adorable Golden Retriever Pup Wants to Nap More

    All puppies are like kids, very energetic and adorable. They also need to go to school and just like actual children, the puppies prefer to nap instead of studying. It is heart-wrenching and pretty much impossible to wake them up in the morning, but duty calls! This sweet golden retriever wants to sleep, so the […] More

  • When This Golden Retriever Is Too Tired To Lie Down, He Does This

    Although golden retrievers are known to be full of energy, they also like to sleep. Once they run out and expend all their energy it’s time to sleep. This cute golden retriever is obviously so tired that he doesn’t even have the strength to lie down, but he leaned his head against the fireplace and […] More