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  • golden greeting a window cleaner

    Golden Retriever Greets Window Cleaner through Glass

    An adorable video of a golden retriever meeting a window cleaner through the glass is the stress buster you need today. The dog, Arnie Pawlmer, was busy playing with his stuffed toy by the window when he saw the man cleaning the glass from outside. On spotting his potential new friend, Arnie quickly went on […] More

  • Dog’s Favorite Toy Comes To Life And She Loses Her Mind

    We love our dogs. It’s a fact! What wouldn’t we do to make them happy? Jolene is the sweetest dog and her owners want to reward her for all her good behavior. She has an obsession with her Gumby toy. She takes her Gumby toy everywhere- nibbles on him, cuddles with him. They’re the best […] More

  • Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Hunts Toy Duck

    Everybody knows that canines are strong and loyal guardians, and they have a lot of useful skills for catching any prey out there in the wild. But it does not mean that domestic doggos lose these important skills. In fact, they are also fearless and cunning beasts – and are often adorable and round, like […] More