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  • A golden retriever finding it’s way out of a cage

    Sneaky Golden Retriever Finds A Genius Way Out Of It’s Cage

    We all already know that golden retrievers are some of the smartest dogs out there. In our opinion, they are even THE smartest. But they still surprise us from time to time with the things that they come up with. In a video that was posted on the Internet a genius golden retriever find a […] More

  • Jealous Golden Retriever hugging his owner in front of girlfriend

    Jealous Golden Retriever Doesn’t Want To Share It’s Owner

    In case you were the pawrent of your golden retriever before you got together with your partner, you might be familiar with the jealousy they experience after you bring your significant other home for the first time. It’s no different for this golden retriever owner and his girlfriend. After the couple started hugging in front […] More

  • Puppy walks itself

    An independent puppy: Watch this puppy walk himself!

    Golden retrievers are usually very patient and love going on long walks with their humans. But not this Golden retriever puppy! A video that was posted to the Instagram page “itsgoldenretrieverworld” shows a Golden retriever puppy carrying his own leash. It looks like he is walking himself. It seems like this little guy just does […] More