Take A Look At A Dog That “Eats With His Hands” And Makes A Cake!

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Ginger the Golden retriever is the star on YouTube. This cute dog is showing us some amazing skills, worth of checking.

There are several videos on YouTube, in which the golden retriever, Ginger, with the help of his landlady’s hands, has breakfast, makes a cake, and eats with Chinese chopsticks.

In this video, watch Ginger have breakfast, with piano accompaniment, and “eat with his hands”.

Another idea of the owner of a cute dog was to record a cooking show, in which Ginger will prepare a chocolate cake with strawberries.

Although she’s a dog, Ginger didn’t lick plates …

Among other nice shots, there was the one where Ginger eats wasabi, a spicy Chinese dish, with Chinese chopsticks, and at the end he opens a fortune cookie, which said “You will make many happy”.

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