The Dog Tried to Walk in Snow Boots, The Owner Could Not Stop Laughing, So Couldn’t We

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Diana Camacho decided to prepare for the inevitable cold winter in New York and bought snow boots for her golden retriever Dusc.

Since the area is hit by severe snowstorms, the footwear helps protect the dogs during the walk, but Dusk was not at all thrilled with his new fashion accessory.

His owner recorded his hilarious reaction when he first tried on the boots and posted it on Facebook.

Dusc in boots acted like Bambi on ice. He bounced and stared confusedly at his paws trying to figure out what was going on, and his owner couldn’t stop laughing.

“As winter approaches, I wanted to get him used to the boots. In the meantime, he’s improved, but he still needs to practice,” the owner said.

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