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The four strangest dog behaviors explained!

The four strangest dog behaviors explained!

Dogs are precious, but they’re also very very weird.  They do so many things that make us cringe, scrunch up our noses, shake our heads, and say, “why are you like this?”

Well, we have the answer to why your dog does all those strange things like chasing their tail or scooting…

They chase their tail

Dogs chasing their tail is not really strange, it’s cute but at the same time, we wonder why do they do that. Well, it’s a part of their puppy phase. They’re constantly discovering different parts of their little bodies.  It is possible that your puppy doesn’t know if that thing he periodically catches sight of back there is something following him around or not, so he has to check it out! Eventually, he becomes familiar with it and leaves it alone, probably pretty quickly if he catches it and bites himself!


Scooting is a very disgusting habit some dogs have. You’ve probably seen it in your own dog. It’s when they’re dragging themselves across the floor with their bottom on the ground. It can mean there’s something irritating your dog’s behind, for example, allergies.

Tilting its head while looking at you

Head tilting is a sign of intelligence! Head-tilting dogs tend to be more sensitive than other pups, are highly attuned to sounds, and have a close emotional bond with their owners.

Of all the many possible explanations for this behavior, the most common is that head tilting is simply a dog’s response to a puzzling or curious human statement.

Humping other dogs, humans, pillows

This can be very embarrassing, we know… But remember that when your dog humps another animal, a human, or an inanimate object like a pillow or stuffed animal, it is completely normal.

Yes, this behavior can be sexual, however, it’s often just playing or a display of aggression and dominance.