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These Golden Retrievers Absolutely Love Shopping

These Golden Retrievers Absolutely Love Shopping

With the holiday season coming up you sure had to do some extra shopping. Maybe you’re already sick of it, but you can always try to make it a bit more fun with bringing your dog. Because these pictures prove that golden retrievers (at least some) really enjoy shopping trips.

#1 Look at that big smile! This little guy knows for sure that at the end of the trip he is getting some treats!

#2 Have you ever had a more comfortable trip to TJ Maxx? Don’t worry, because we didn’t either!

#3 Awwww! Imagine seeing this on your daily trips to Target! I think that I would melt each time.

#4 I think he saw something he likes and is trying to get it! And who could say no to this handsome guy!

#5 That smile says it all – He’s shopping for dog treats!