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This Golden Retriever Completely Captured Our Sunday Mood

This Golden Retriever Completely Captured Our Sunday Mood

One incredibly wise man named Chandler Bing once said: “It’s a Sunday. I don’t move on Sundays!”

And that must be the life motto of this golden retriever, except for him every day is a Sunday.

Footage of the lazy pooch was shared on TikTok showing his owner literally sliding the dog across the floor to make him go to pee before bed.

The dog does not seem too found of the idea and literally does not move at all, just continues to chill around like nothing is happening.

TikTok users left hundreds of comments under the video revealing that their Goldens have moments like that one as well.

One user wrote: “omg goldens 😂 mine does the same in the morning, im like girl you haven’t peed in 13 hours, get out of bed 😂😂”

“Or they just go out to sit down in front of the door like no I don’t need to go right now” another one commented.

One woman had an especially interesting comment, revealing: “Can’t get lazier than this… my hubby can though”

The video was posted by the account @rubyredgoldenretriever and has over 170 k likes.