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This golden retriever simply loves winter sports

This golden retriever simply loves winter sports

Dogs are so faithful, and that is one of the main reasons why we love them so much.

As the owner rides down the snowboard trail, his dog faithfully chases after him.

Ali and Nick Colette are real adventurers, and their golden retriever Stella is not far behind. Since they adopted her in 2016, she has completely changed their lives.

Sometimes she is silly and sometimes a real diva, as her owner describes her. He loves to swim and go for walks, and he is also a fan of winter sports, which was shown on a recent family vacation.

Their wintering on the mountain was abruptly interrupted by events around the corona virus, but before they returned home, Nick took the opportunity to ride a snowboard. He took Stella with him, who, to the surprise of his owners, showed him to sit still and watch as he descended to the bottom of the trail, so she rushed after him.

Stella usually likes cold weather, so her stay in the snow must have been very pleasant.