This Golden Retriever Stole Brothers Food And Then Said Sorry

golden retriever hugging his brother after stealing his food

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A video of two dogs is becoming increasingly viral, where a dog stole his own brother’s food and ate it. Then the way he apologized, seeing that smile will come on your face too. This video has been cast on social media. The guilty looking Golden Retriever hugged his angry brother Coco. He was trying to hug her and apologize.

The video was shared on Watson and Keiko’s Instagram account. After this, this video has been shared on Twitter. This video is being liked everywhere. In the video, the dog’s mistress Watson is seen scolding. She says, ‘I gave you a Chewie and gave Kewko a Chewy. You also ate Kewi’s chewy. So what should you tell Kiko now?

Watson embraces Keiko upon hearing this. Seeing the way Watson hugs Keiko, your face will also smile.

One user wrote, ‘Very cute video, enjoyed watching.’ Bollywood actress Richa Chadha also shared this video. Also wrote in the caption, ‘If you want to apologize to someone, give me a hug.’ People have given such reactions on Twitter …

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