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This Is What It Means When Your Golden Retrievers Tilt Their Heads

This Is What It Means When Your Golden Retrievers Tilt Their Heads

Is there anything more adorable than when you talk to your golden retriever and they tilt their head like they are a cartoon character?

Seems like it’s always happening when you ask them a question like “Who’s been extra good today?” or “Who is going on a walk?” They tilt their heads and you’re just hooked.

I know my heart melts every time that they do that. But I always asked myself, why do they do that?

Here are some common reasons as to why dogs actually do that:

Out of curiosity. When you talk directly to them they become curious, and are tilting their heads to observe your language and movements.

In response to sound. They might tilt their head to concentrate on a sound that it’s heard. It’s natural for your pet dog to tilts its head while it tries to process what it’s hearing.

It’s trying to communicate with you. Some theorize that your dog tilts it’s head trying to interact with you or as an attempt to understand and respond to you.

It’s trying to focus better on whatever it’s doing. It may happen outdoors when they are trying to catch something or even inside when you two are playing. As soon as something catches it’s full attention they may start tilting their heads to the side.