This Nursing Home Has Its Own Golden Retriever Puppy

golden retriever puppy as a therapy in a nursing home

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Nursing home residents in South Dakota are getting daily love from their very own golden retriever puppy.

Over the last few weeks, Gracie the golden retriever has been spreading love at Good Samaritan Society. When Gracie isn’t at Good Samaritan, she lives with Pam Stewart. Pam is a facility’s social services manager.

Pam told that they have seen a lot of changes since Gracie is with them. Also, she said that they can see that residents are smiling more and that they love to play with Gracie.

„It’s giving them a lot to talk about versus what they’ve seen in the world“, she added.

golden retriever puppy in a nursing home

Before Gracie, the facility had a dog named Hope. The dog died in November.

Gracie interacts with roughly 30 residents. She is always accompanied by a staff member.

“I talk to her and pet her,” said 66-year-old resident Dennis Gruhlke.

Gracie has been visiting with residents as indoor family visitations slowly begin to reopen in accordance with federal guidelines amid the pandemic.

Employees said that Gracie has helped the residents stay positive during these challenging times.

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