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Three reasons why loving your pet is actually good for your health!

Three reasons why loving your pet is actually good for your health!

You’re taking care of your dog, its needs, its wants, you take him for walks, you buy the best food, but did you know that spending time with them could be better for your health? Many medical & psychological studies show that pet owners live a happier, healthier life than non-pet owners!

Psychological Repair

Service dogs do so much more than just aiding the physically impaired. For example, they help veterans suffering from PTSD.

Did you know that even science indicates that when a dog and person make eye-to-eye contact, it increases a calming bonding chemical called oxytocin in both the person and dog. This benefit is universal about dogs and people but can significantly increase with expert service dog training.

Stress Soothers

Any enjoyable activity, such as petting your dog, can elevate levels of serotonin & dopamine, which have pleasurable & calming properties. Believe it or not, but your pet can actually soothe you more than the presence of a friend or spouse during a stressful situation.

Depression Relief

Our pets aid in depression relief because they simply offer us unconditional love & acceptance. According to a depression study done by John Hopkins, nursing home residents felt less lonely with an alone visit from a dog, than a visit with both a dog & another resident.