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Three Ways To Get Your Dog To Sleep In During The Weekend

Three Ways To Get Your Dog To Sleep In During The Weekend

We’ve all been there before: It’s Saturday morning, all you want is to get some rest from the previous days, but then at 6AM sharp your dog is sitting at your bedside, wanting to go on a walk.

For our puppies, there is no such thing as weekends- so if they have a set routine, they will as easily wake up on a Sunday like they to on a Thursday.

We prepared three simple ways to adjust your pet’s routine and finally get that extra hour or two of sleep on the weekends.

  1. Adjust their breakfast schedule

Pushing your golden retriever’s feeding schedule back by an hour will encourage them to wake up a little later than usual. You can also try not to feed them as soon as you wake up on weekdays. Wait for at least 30 minutes before breakfast time. That way your dog won’t think it’s time to eat right after waking up.

  1. It’s important that they empty their bladder before bed

One of the most common reasons your dog is waking you up on the weekends is that they need to go potty. What you can try is to go out with them right before bedtime. Exercise will help them empty out their bladder and you will be able to sleep in a little bit more.

  1. Make sure that they are completely comfortable

Most dogs are light sleepers and in tune with their sharp senses. That means if sunlight is peeking through the windows where they sleep, it can may wake them up. So make sure that your dog is all set to sleep in comfortably- close the drapes, turn off the television, put their toys away. Playing ambient sounds or soft classical music can help them fall into a deep slumber.